Vote for St Andrews’ most eligible bachelor 2020: round one

It’s getting hot and steamy in the bubble

As the search for St Andrews most eligible bachelor continues, we have narrowed the search down to three charming candidates. These young men are all unique in their own way and its up to you to decide who deserves the treasured title of Bachelor 2020.

So, what are you waiting for? Get voting for your favourite guy and we will crown the winner with the very prestigious title.

Tobias Cole, first year, International Relations

Three fun facts about Tobias:

  1.  He is an avid player of ultimate frisbee.
  2.  He spent 4 years living in Uganda with his parents as they completed humanitarian aid.
  3.  Tobias lives in an old hut that used to house racing pigeons.

What makes them the most eligible bachelor?:

Well if you cannot already tell, Tobias is a very kind hearted, loving, and open minded person. This makes him a very eligible bachelor as he is the type to never let you down and always think about your feelings.


Charles Vivian, second year, English

Three fun facts about Charles:

  1. His brother pierced his ear when he was five years old.
  2. Charles is colour blind.
  3. He snuck his cactus into the union during freshers, because why not!

What makes them the most eligible bachelor?:

Charles is one of the kindest souls. An absolute mess like 98% of the time but he is the kinda guy you want by your side through those tough times. A total flirt and heaps of fun, he will have you wetting yourself with laugher. He is extremely clever and always up for a last minute drink that inevitably turns out being the best night of the semester. An added bonus is that he also looks amazing in dungarees – not many people can pull that one off.


Callum Weimer, third year, English and Art History

Three fun facts about Callum:

  1.  He wrote a book.
  2.  He was an extra in a movie with Nicholas Cage.
  3.  He nominated himself.

What makes them the most eligible bachelor?:

It takes a confident man to nominate himself, and confidence is key. Therefore, according to the man himself, these are the things that make him the most eligible bachelor; “He likes piña coladas AND long walks on the beach. He is not into yoga, HOWEVER, he has half a brain. He likes making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape. He’s the love that you’re looking for, write him and escape.”


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