DONT WALK presents OTTO KNOWS, a night like no other

The committee lets us in on their biggest year yet

Alongside locations ranging from Italy to Ireland, St Andrews has been officially been given a place on Otto Knows’s February tour schedule.

Signed under the same label as Avicii, Knows is arguably the largest act in recent memory to make the trek to our small Scottish town. By booking him as their headliner, the DONT WALK committee has confirmed their promise to make this year’s afterparty an event of unrivalled proportions. Branded as an entirely separate event rather than simply a continuation of the Don’t Walk show,  DONT WALK Presents OTTO KNOWS will be an experience in its own right, well worth the £40 ticket price.

Despite the restraints of Kinkell Byre, the committee assures us that this year’s afterparty will be, in no uncertain terms, “the biggest production to take place in St Andrews.” With a show already promised to push Kinkell to its absolute limits, the afterparty is designed to both complement and reinvigorate the night’s festivities.


In the wake of the show, many guests will have been in the building for nearly 3 hours and may not relish the idea of doing little more than dancing in place for 3 hours more. Following a seamless transition from show to afterparty, the committee plans on providing enough entertainment to, essentially, keep the show going and keep both old and new guests on their toes.

The afterparty will begin with supporting sets from DONT WALK’s resident DJs Ashton Squires, Stu Hindmarch, and Dan Garner. Introducing Knows himself is Craig Wilson, last year’s acclaimed headliner.

By branding their afterparty as an event in its own right, the DONT WALK committee has fostered high expectations amongst ticket holders. Their ambition, fortunately, appears to be matched by their competence: Executive Director Gabriela Flax and Head of PR Paula Murmann describe the DONT WALK family as working in complete unison, making the event a cohesive entity rather than simply the sum of many separate parts.


Every member of the committee is constantly in contact with each other, from Events to Fashion to Front of House to Finance. This will ensure a seamlessly organised show, devoid of miscommunications or mishaps.

If the committee’s track record from this past year is anything to go by, we can expect them to deliver on their guarantees of a great night. Having spent the past semester organising the show in addition to a steady stream of branding events, DONT WALK’s drive and ability would appear to be unmatched. We can say with confidence that on February 27th, Kinkell Byre is the place to be. 

Tickets can be purchased through Tilt. 

Photos courtesy of Lightbox Creative, DONT WALK, and Otto Knows