Natasha Franks
The Stand Editor of The Tab

Meet the Kallawayas

Join the filmmakers for a unique look at an indigenous population.

Don’t forget to collect your wristbands this Thursday

The Bandstand will be home to music, ice cream, and all 2200 May Ball wristbands

The Other Guys: one last song before the summer

TOG’s yearly farewell concert will be held this Monday evening on North Castle Street

Watch DanceSoc dance their way through revision week

get excited for “Inside Out,” dance society’s end-of-year show held on April 28th and 29th

Ben Pearce is playing May Ball

Tickets go on sale this Wednesday for the biggest event of the year

Fancy a meeting with Tiffany’s?

Management Society presents Mr Barratt West, Managing Director at Tiffany & Co, UK and Ireland.

Meet the Austrian Society

Saturday night, the newly founded Austrian & South Tyrolean Society will be revealed to St Andrews

Candidate Spotlight No. 3: IR School President

Julian Valladeres shares his goals for the School of International Relations.

Candidate Spotlight No. 2: LGBT Officer

Jacob Williams discussions communication, inclusivity, and his plans for LGBT Society.

Drinking Games, Fine Wine & Cheese Style

From boat races to king’s cup, the fine wine & cheese committee offered all of Bacchus’s favourite games

Candidate Spotlight No. 1: French Convenor

For the first in our series of candidate interviews, we talk to Emily Allen, who is running for French Convenor.

Have you downloaded Tilt yet?

Witness the rise of the fastest growing app on campus

The Best Photos from FS 2016


Heat may be the biggest night to hit St Andrews

A new event in a new venue with a completely new atmosphere

This year Under Canvas is raising money for Cystic Fibrosis

The committee wants people to know exactly where their cash is going

The St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament is back

It’s the largest ticketed polo event in Scotland

DONT WALK presents OTTO KNOWS, a night like no other

The committee lets us in on their biggest year yet

DRA Ball will be a night worthy of 007 himself

Shaken, not stirred

Studio 54 triumphs again

We partied like it was 1979

Release Your Inhibitions: Studio 54 is Back

with all the glitz and glamour of the swinging 70s, the lizard lounge will be transformed into the most legendary nightclub in history

RAG Week returns to St Andrews on Saturday

Drink a smoothie for charity

The Fife Food Festival is returning to St Andrews

We hope you’re hungry

Ma Bells will be open every night this week for Refreshers

Party like it’s Tuesday night, every night

The Other Guys hit all the right notes

Happy early Christmas to St Andrews girls

The Other Guys are having a Christmas concert

Celebrate the end of classes with a cappella

Murder most fowl: ABH students hunt and gut pheasants in halls

Only in St Andrews

The Balgove Black Tie Dinner: A night of South African pride

Wining and dining in the Springbok style

Hunters, wine and queueing: A night at Welly Ball

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a Barbour

Party with the Boks at the most anticipated black tie dinner of the year

And there are quite a few

An interview with Welly Ball: Yes, there will be more food this year

It’s the last day to get after party tickets

Christmas ball tickets sold out in an hour

Whilst some people queued for nine

St Andrews celebrates its 602nd birthday with a massive ball

So unlike us

Christmas Ball convenor Ali Saldana reveals what to expect this year

It’s going to be huge

Don’t Walk is watching us

The town’s largest invite-only event hosts their ritziest launch event of the year.

Welcome to the Next Level

Champar’s first official event, Shine Bright Like a Belle, will be held this Friday in the Society Room of Ma Bells.

External Campaigns Committee Explained

Jo Boon interviews Toby Emerson about his position on the SRC.

Opening Ball: Who’s Who

The Stand offers a brief guide of the acts set to perform this Saturday at the first black tie event of the year.

Catwalk: The Revival Begins this Saturday

The Stand previews the return of one of St Andrews’ biggest fashion shows.

5 Things To Do This Week

The Stand handpicks the most noteworthy events of the week from amongst the crowded St Andrews social calendar.

Who’s Who at the Dunhill 2015

The Stand guides you through the golf tournament’s most distinguished guests.

You Haven’t Forgotten New York Fashion Week, Have You?

Sophie Lau recaps the highlights of 2015’s September New York Fashion Week, picking her favourite designers and looks. The question is: who is your favourite?

‘Sexist’ Union club night forced to change name after pressure from FemSoc

It used to be called P.U.L.L

What’s in a Name? P.U.L.L. vs the Bop

The Stand interviews Feminist Society Coordinator Jo Boon and Director of Events and Services Chris MacRae regarding the recent controversy surrounding the Union’s “P.U.L.L.”, aka Postgrads and Undergrads Loving Life.

Preview: Women in Business

Key speakers include Andrea Sullivan (Head of Corporate Responsibility at Bank of America Merrill Lynch), Louise Court (Head of Editorial Strategy and Content at Hearst UK and Former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine), and Nancy Pedot (CEO of Comptoir Des Cotonniers )

Xavier Ball: Launch Reviewed and an Interview with the Director

The Stand’s Claudia Brown sits down with Drew Silverman, Executive Director of the Xavier Ball, for an interview covering everything from Bongo Ball’s name change to the committee’s plans for the future. Claudia also reviews the Xavier Ball’s recent launch event.

How to Deal With Freshers’ Flu: A Brief Guide

Apparently forcing hundreds of hungover, congested students together into a single lecture theatre wasn’t the best choice for our collective health.

Diary of an Overly Keen Fresher

We all know one.

Preview: Opening Ball

The Stand interviews Fernando Maluf, Opening Ball convenor, about the Kate Kennedy Club’s upcoming charity ball.