The best Valentine’s cards Soton students can send their crush this year

Every Soton student wants one of these cards

Valentine’s Day is around the corner once again. Maybe you’re with your significant other, planning the third dinner date of the week and choosing the latest film on Netflix. Or, you are frantically texting all your Tinder or Bumble matches, hinting at Valentine’s Day to come up with some plans with no luck.

These cards will definitely end up getting you a date or a double-tap and *block* on Instagram. Either way, you’re welcome.

Whatever you’re planning on doing this weekend, here are some Valentine’s cards that are guaranteed to make any Soton student swoon:

The best compliment you can give anybody, really

They say trust is the foundation of any relationship so, be honest and tell them this


There’s nothing like a cuddle on a cold day

It’s a date?


Our connection is just electric

Your assignments can wait

If this doesn’t show how much you fancy them, I don’t know what else will

The stock market king of our dreams

I’ve lost my head for you x

Portswood Sainsbury’s trip as a first date is as good as it gets in lockdown

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