Soton student makes petition for the university to create a no detriment policy

Yesterday the university said it will not be offering the policy this year

A petition has been made asking the University of Southampton to implement a safety net or no detriment policy for this academic year.

Yesterday, the Soton Tab revealed that the university does not plan to operate a no detriment policy this year. The university said: “We, like other Russell Group universities, do not plan to operate a ‘No Detriment’ policy for this academic year.”

However, last night, the University of York became the first Russell Group university to agree to bring in safety net measures for this academic year.

The petition is “a plea to the Vice-Chancellor, Heads of Departments and decision makers of the University of Southampton.”

The petition says: “The country- wide Covid-19 situation has worsened since the 2019/20 academic year, mental health (of both students and that of their families) has severely deteriorated, we are now paying for accommodation we are not able to stay in.”

The petition explains that “students are immensely suffering and these changes have made many of our lives harder, not easier.”

“As a university that is supposed to pride itself on caring for its students and their academic potential, we are telling you this is not good enough. As you expect the highest from us, we expect more from you.

“A no detriment policy would not invalidate our degrees, it would reflect the immense hardships experienced by this years students, with many having over half their degrees affected by Covid.”

Whilst students are able to get extensions on their coursework due to the impacts of the pandemic the petition says: “Individual extensions will not help, the current changed exam formats will not help and enabling services can not change the situation we are in. You do not know what it is like being a student during the pandemic, we are trying to tell you and we urge you to hear us, as the change makers that hold the power to alter our futures.”

Today, Olivia Reed, SUSU President tweeted: “This afternoon myself and other SU Presidents met to talk through our approach to issues such as exams policy & safety nets, student fees, rent rebates and digital poverty. We will continue to discuss these and other issues over the next few days and weeks.”

To sign the petition for a safety net or no detriment policy at the University of Southampton, click here.

Soton Tab has contacted the university for comment.

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