Things in our uni houses that just make sense: Soton edition

There’s nothing quite like a student house

When you look back on your uni years, of course you’ll remember the nights out at Jesters, the deadlines, the all nighters. But one thing you can’t forget, no matter how much you may try, is the offensive amount of money you paid to live in a house just like these ones.

On TikTok, students are sharing all the most bizarre (and mainly broken) “things in our uni house that just make sense”. Here are some of Southampton’s finest humble abodes that simply just make sense!

The door, that doesn’t lock

We all know how important keeping safe at university is, and no one knows it more than those who go to bed every night with the fear of being robbed.


The non-existent garden fence

Does this mean you and your neighbour now count as one household??


The shot measurer, that no bottle can fit

Who needs a substantial meal at the pub when you’ve got this to add to the ambience of your very own kitchen?

The carpeted bathroom

No towel? No problem! Just drop, roll, and you’re dry.

The hot tub

Perfect Olympic sized pool for the Soton rats.

The padlocked door that has no key

We all love a bit of mystery…

The old mattress in the garden

Anyone fancy a sleepover?

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