Switch, Trago and karaoke: These are all your last ‘normal’ Soton photos

And yes, most of them are related to nights out


It feels like a lifetime ago that we were going about our normal uni lives. Now we’re obsessing over toilet paper and soap, keeping 2 metres apart and for many of us, taking up running for the first time ever.

Earlier this week, the BBC shared an assortment of photos from people’s life before lockdown – anything from weddings, to getting on a plane. We asked The Soton Tab’s Instagram followers for their last photo in Southampton before lockdown and not going to lie, it got a bit emotional.

Last photo from a pub crawl


Oh what I would give to be stumbling through Portswood again.

Last photo from a lecture


Hot, sweaty rooms filled with people – yes, of course we miss it.

Last photo from Trago


I’m not crying, you are.

Last photo of a rainbow



It seems Soton students love a good rainbow. It’s a good thing they’re hung up in a lot of windows now, isn’t it?

Last photo from a night out


Wishing we could go back to taking nice photos before getting wrecked.


If you haven’t climbed on something random at night and got a photo, you’re doing something wrong.

I guess the one good thing about all this is embarrassing club photos are a thing of the past (and hopefully the distant future).

Last photo of uni plants


RIP to all the plants people left at uni, gone but not forgotten.

Last photo from karaoke


Stags, please don’t forget me or my tone deaf voice.

Last photo from the aftermath of a night out


Can’t say I’ve seen many group photos from the morning after but I like the dedication.

Last photo from a fire pit


Can’t say it’s a common occurrence but something I definitely want to try when we’re back in Southampton. Just chilling with my friends, drinking and feeling toasty – what’s not to love?

Last photo from studying


How I wish I was back in Hartley or Building 100 having a breakdown. I’ll never take it for granted again.

Last photo from an experiment


For those of you asking as many questions as I am about this photo, they put condoms and tampons in a variety of concentrations of bubble bath liquid and water. As far as we are aware, there was no particular reason behind this. I guess curiosity is a funny thing.

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