Emily Litchfield

Emily Litchfield
Southampton University


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A Reclaim The Streets Event is happening in Southampton this week

The event will take place at Mettricks Guildhall at 7:30pm on Tuesday

Switch Southampton to close on Wednesday in support of the Girls Night In movement

‘We believe as a venue it is important to show unity with our customers and support this very significant movement’

A Girls Night In event is taking place in Southampton this week

The national movement is calling for more measures to be put in place to prevent spiking in clubs.

The Soton Tab is looking for new writers and we want you!

Our open meeting is happening on Wednesday 6th October at 1pm

Inside The Crib: Soton’s new and unique bar located in Bedford Place

Shuffleboard, cocktails and 23-inch pizza slices – what’s not to love?

The Asus ZenBook is a uni student’s dream laptop and here’s why

Firstly, it looks great

Quiz: Which iconic Motherland parent are you?

If you’re an Amanda, we can’t be friends

The best places in Soton to celebrate the end of this academic year

After months of lockdown, we deserve to have fun

Here’s how to make the Biscoff iced latte that’s all over your TikTok right now

And yes, it is as easy as it looks

We spoke to the Soton student who’s created ‘Portswood rat sanctuary’ in her uni house

‘I always thought I’d end up being a cat lady but I guess I can be a rat lady instead!’

Soton Uni lecturer assaulted in ‘racist’ attack whilst jogging in the city

He said he doesn’t feel ‘safe’ in the city and is considering ‘going back to China’

Confirmed: Soton Uni is welcoming back students from 8th March

Those with a practical component on their course are being contacted about the return

‘All my motivation has disappeared’: Soton students react to graduation being postponed

Many students feel the decision has been made prematurely

We asked an expert why this lockdown feels the most hopeless

‘Covid fatigue is affecting us all’

Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday of the year and here’s every single reason why

I’m the Grinch of love, wbu?

It’s A Sin cast ages: This is how old the cast of It’s a Sin are in real life

Callum Scott Howells who plays Colin is only 21!!

‘I’ve hit rock bottom’: Soton students have their say on 24-hour exams

No, it’s not a dream solution

Soton uni to release assessment adjustment information this week

Could this be the safety net policy students have been asking for?

Solent investigating after students throw 21st birthday party in lockdown

‘This is the height of irresponsibility’

One third of Black Soton students say they’ve experienced discrimination on campus

And only four in 10 students felt appropriate action would be taken if they reported a race-related incident

Over 80 Manchester students were trapped in a halls lockdown party

Firefighters had to break the flat door down with a sledgehammer and an axe

Blended learning is playing with students’ safety and it’s completely unfair

We feel like we’ve been brought back just for the unis’ benefit

Southampton is officially in the new Tier 2: Here’s how this affects students

Pubs will be able to open with an 11pm curfew

Did Diana actually hug AIDS patients in a New York hospital? The true story explained

She changed the way people viewed HIV and AIDS

There are 11 pandemic personalities in Soton and you’re definitely one of them

Let’s be real here

‘Widespread ableism is exhausting’: What it’s like being a disabled student at Soton

“I’m tired of being ignored”

We spent a night at social-distanced Jesters, and this is what it’s like now

Yes, you still need Jesters shoes

Soton confirms Chamberlain freshers not involved in gathering won’t be disciplined

They had previously been told they were ‘equally responsible’ as those who attended

Revealed: The unis offering compulsory consent classes this year

Out of 36 major UK universities, only five are making the workshops mandatory

‘A customer sat on me’: Students tell their worst customer service horror stories

And honestly, some people are just jerks

Meet the Soton student who has set up a diverse greetings card business

‘It’s alienating growing up in a world that doesn’t see a point in catering to you’

‘Campus will be open in September,’ Soton University announces

The Uni wants to provide a ‘significant face-to-face component’ to teaching next year

Switch, Trago and karaoke: These are all your last ‘normal’ Soton photos

And yes, most of them are related to nights out

‘How is it no detriment?’: We spoke to Soton students about the new policy

One said it’s been ‘a very messed up semester that now counts for nothing’

Revealed: How Southampton Uni’s no detriment policy will actually work

No work from Semester Two will count, other than final year dissertations and projects

Nuffield Theatres have gone into administration due to coronavirus

It’s ‘a huge blow’ for the city’s culture

Portswood has run out of hand sanitiser due to coronavirus panic buying

Portswood Sainsbury’s has also sold out of loo roll, tampons, biscuits and pasta

‘I feel like I’m being crushed’: What it’s like living with chronic fatigue

People don’t understand invisible disabilities