Social Science diss deadlines extended at Soton due to coronavirus

They’ve got a whole extra WEEK

Southampton students who are part of the School of Economic, Social & Political Sciences have had their dissertation deadlines extended by a week, because of disruptions caused by coronavirus.

The news comes after it was announced on Friday that Soton’s Easter break had been brought forward by a week. There are now no classes or teaching this week, but summer term is still expected to start as normal on 20th April.

This morning, students were emailed by the School’s Deputy Head of Education, saying: “The unexpected early end to the term has caused us to review how we can support our students during this period of disruption. One decision we have made immediately is an extension to the undergraduate dissertation.

“The undergraduate dissertations are now due 30 April by 16.00, instead of 23 April. This covers every student writing a dissertation in the School.”

Students doing Sociology dissertations were further told in a Blackboard announcement: “Please note that we have extended the dissertation deadline to 30th April, because of possible disruptions caused by the coronavirus.

“The School is discussing currently whether face-to-face meetings in offices will take place this week, and you will receive further updates soon. However, your supervisors will definitely communicate with you, so contact them if you have questions.”

A final year student told The Soton Tab: “Obviously the situation’s not ideal but I’m glad the School is supporting us – and definitely am grateful for the extra week!”

This morning’s “coronavirus update” email, sent by the University to all students, says: “The University is now operating on its Easter vacation scheduling. Students should ensure that they meet the deadlines for submission of assessed work this week. All submissions should be made online via either Blackboard or e-Assignment.”

The email says the University libraries are remaining open, for now, as are halls.

Medical students’ placements have been suspended, although nursing students’ are continuing “as normal”. Over the weekend, Varsity was cancelled due to coronavirus, as was Soton’s Easter ski trip.

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