‘I want my money back’: Soton students have their say on the uni closures

Yesterday Easter break was brought forward by a week due to coronavirus

Yesterday it was announced that the University of Southampton had brought the Easter break forward by a week, to yesterday. Summer graduations have also been postponed “until further notice” so that we will have a longer academic year “to ensure the successful completion of our students’ education”.

There has now been a confirmed case of coronavirus on Soton’s Highfield Campus, with students being warned not to enter Building 53 over the weekend.

Varsity has been cancelled, and Soton medical students have had their placements suspended, but nursing placements will “continue as normal”.

We asked The Soton Tab’s Instagram followers: “Are you staying in Soton or going home?” Of the over 2,600 people who responded, 52 per cent (1,377 people) said they were going to be staying at uni despite the closures, whilst 48 per cent (1,249 people) said they would be returning home.

Via @sotontab’s Instagram

We then asked what people’s thoughts were on the situation. Here’s what you all had to say:

Some people want to stay with their mates in Soton

“I’d rather be quarantined with the boys than with the fam.”

“I’m staying so we can have Freshers’ Week part two.”

“Gonna have a phat sesh.”

“I’m more worried about catching something from my housemates’ unwashed, mouldy dishes.”

Lots of final years still have work to do at uni

“Staying – need to do my diss.”

“Research students still have to come in and work 🙃”

“More time to get my diss data.”

“Need to finish my assignments – I won’t get any work done at home.”

“These exams aren’t gonna revise for themselves, man’s got shit to do.”

Some people just don’t want to be in Southampton any more

“Imagine staying in Southampton by choice 🤮”

“I don’t want to be here if lockdown happens.”

People want to be with their families (and their dogs)

“If the world’s going to end I’d rather be with my dog.”

“I’m being forcibly dragged home by mother dearest.”

“I went home for the strikes, so it’s convenient for me but I’m a bit lost.”

“I’m going home so my parents can feed me. Too broke to stay.”

Some international students have no choice in the matter

“I’m scared about the borders closing as I’m an international student.”

“Staying as borders to my country are closed, it’s gonna be a long Easter.”

“Indian borders have closed. No option.”

“It’s too risky to go home since flights could get cancelled.”

“I might get locked out of the country if I go home.”

“I’m going back home, I’m scared there will be a lockdown and I can’t go back to my home country.”

Some are saying people need to ‘chill’

“Don’t panic. Just stay vigilant.”

“Everyone needs to chill tf out.”

“Everyone needs to have a pint and chill.”

And some are just a bit done with the whole thing

“I want my money back lol.”

“We should get an extension on our dissertation.”

“It’s crazy! We’ve had no teaching for four weeks but still have to meet deadlines.”

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