Here’s exactly where to take your friends clubbing in the Toon

Top clubs for when you’re off your face (or sober)

Renowned for its buzzing nightlife, it’d be ludicrous not to take your mates from home out in Newcastle. You’ve been sharing with them the ins and outs of your adventures at night, and now they’re visiting, they want to experience the same thrill. The city might be small, but no two days are the same at night – the possibilities are endless. In the wise words of Ne-Yo, “work hard, play hard” – so here’s a list of six different clubs to play at if you want a change of scenery, or if you’re a fresher and are overwhelmed by the wide variety:

1. Greys Club

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, Greys Club holds an array of events throughout the week, and when it doesn’t, it still offers a great time. Greys distinguishes itself from other clubs in that it has a DJ playing in a long alleyway outside – a perfect breather from the sultry rooms inside.

2. Digital

Some say it’s cringe, others say it never disappoints. Digital can be described in many ways depending on the night. If you’re into summer tunes and treats like sweets and donuts – make sure you go out on a Monday for Kandi Island. For all you tech ravers out there, your favourite night out in Digital will be on Saturday for Dvotion.

3. Soho

Especially popular on a Wednesday for Newcastle University’s Sports Night, this club is home to many revellers. Soho’s also famous for its pole on the third floor, and depending on who’s attempting to climb it, the scene can be quite entertaining. However, navigating the spiral staircase when drunk is like scaling a mountain, so make sure to hold on to the handrail for dear life.

4. Tup Tup Palace

Also home to many events in the week such as Persistence, Lovedough, Paradiso and Smile, Tup Tup Palace is a smaller club, which means you’re not losing your mates (as much). When no event is held, the typical music genre is Rnb and Hip Hop, so be ready for some “Don’t Tell ‘Em”.

5. Studio

Although all the clubs above have different music genres for each room, Studio only has one room and more importantly, it’s a Dance club – so you won’t be hearing “Trap queen” anytime soon (unless remixed eventually). If you’re out on a Friday, this place is really appealing as first-release tickets for Loco are free.

6. Bijoux

Whilst many people at uni despise the place, I think Bijoux’s quite decent. Not only will Hip-hop, Rap and RnB lovers thrive in this busy club, but more importantly: trebs are only £5.95 on a weekday! If this hasn’t already persuaded you, there’s also a slight chance you might bump into a Geordie Shore star, as Bijoux used to be one of this reality tv show’s go-to clubs.

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