We went to Bongo’s Bingo House of Boo and this is everything we loved

Currently nursing a two day hangover

Bongo’s Bingo goes off on any regular day, so we just knew that Halloween would be next level. Half arsed costumes at the ready, we ventured down to the Boiler Shop and were literally buzzing from the anticipation. And from the pre-drinks we necked in the Uber. This year they teamed with Southern Comfort to present House of Boo, inspired by New Orleans’ very own Krewe of Boo, the iconic Halloween parade of NOLA. The evening got off to a great start when we were welcomed with a free drink and bead necklace upon arrival. Things just went south from there.

As always, there were plenty of prizes up for grabs, ranging from cardboard cut outs of Scooby Doo and Shaggy to a giant fluffy unicorn, a Henry Hoover, and a year’s supply of Southern Comfort.

Everything was just wacky – like, if you haven’t been before you should probably use this to prepare yourself before you go. See below for everything we loved at Bongo’s Bingo on Friday.

The Halloween costumes

The creativity this year was unmatched, although I have questions for the group who came dressed as the cast of Downton Abbey.  Did I miss the period drama memo? The girl dressed as Magic Mike was amazing and I absolutely loved the guy who came as a slutty nurse until he slated me outside the club for my costume. We can’t all be a perfect 10 in bodycon, sir.

10/10 for effort, my mates and I can’t even organise a shared white wash

The dancers

Whatever the dancers get paid, it isn’t enough. They do it all; the housewives of the entertainment industry. We definitely saw more than we paid for as the night unravelled and I can’t say I’m mad about it. This guy definitely didn’t get the callback for Magic Mike on West End and figured this is the next best thing.

The red slushies

These cherry slushies were like crack. So moreish and I had no idea they were made with Southern Comfort (although I am an idiot). They tasted bloody lovely. We also looked super cool and quirky with our light up cups (one of which has now been promoted to be my bedside table water cup).


The dance offs

Nothing motivates you to strip half naked in front of hundreds of strangers like a dance off worth 350 quid. Let me tell you, these three had MOVES. I have never seen the worm butchered as badly as I did on Friday night but I can’t say I wouldn’t give it a go for that cash. This guy knows how to work a room.

Hire this man as a dancer immediately

Seductive dancing was definitely a running theme, I don’t think anyone managed a bout on stage without a twerk or seductive grind across the floor. It must be the Southern Comfort way.

The Southern Comfort

I never thought I would be a Southern Comfort drinker. It’s an old man’s beverage, right? Probably isn’t even stocked in Jes Tesco – is what I used to think. Let me tell you, those cans of Southern Comfort and apple went down too well – imagine sour apple meets Appletiser but hard. They also came pre-mixed with Cola, Lemonade and Peach. LUSH.

The bouncers

Bouncers love The Newcastle Tab.

Shoutout to the lady who spent the whole night in the gal’s loos so there was never a line for longer than five minutes.

This giant red thing

WHO WON THIS? I want to come to your house and see it.

House of Boo was definitely the best Bongo’s Bingo I’ve ever been to so I cannot wait to see what they come up with next year. Thank you for having us guys, we absolutely cannot wait to be back.

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