A few terrifying things that you will (probably) experience as a student in Newcastle

Rugby boys dressed up as school girls aren’t the only scary things you’ll see in the Toon

As the spooky season is upon us, let’s get real and talk about student life in Newcastle and the distressing things that comes with it.

The Metro not running and it’s pissing it down

The Metro is very chaotic at the moment, it’s either late or not running at all. But there’s nothing worse if you think you’ll treat yourself to the Metro on a miserable rainy day in Jesmond (which there have been a few too many of recently) only to find out it isn’t running. So many emotions all at once.

Do you walk? Get an Uber? Cheeky one in the Lonsdale to calm down? My favourite way to deal with it is just to head home and forget you’re at uni in the first place.

A nine-to-six day at uni after a night out

There is actally nothing worse than when “just one pint” in Blanc turns into a last minute night out when you have a 9am and you don’t finish until six. It’s petrifiying.

Spending all your money the night before, then having to spend more on a coffee to wake you up and food in uni cause you didn’t have time to make anything. All whilst you smell of bio, blue treb and regret.

The Halloween queue for Magic Box

We are all last minute panic buying Halloween costumes for this weekend, but I’d do anything to avoid that Magic Box queue. Not only is really long but the shop is actually quite shit.

The fact it’s not exam season and all your BeReal pics are in the library

I thought the phase of library BeReals were over until next year. But I am seeing and taking way too many of me looking exausted staring at my laptop screen of a journal article I’ve read three times already and it hasn’t gone in. I miss the exciting Summer ones.

A fresher finding out about £2 Tuesdays

Lo and behold a fresher turns up outside of their turf and stumbles into the Sacred Land of Jesmond. It may be permitted on a Wednesday for socials but it would be uncouth to turn up on a Tuesday and spoil the only really cheap night we get these days.

I’m sick of spending half my night looking for a table that’s not outside, don’t make it worse.

Going out on the weekend when there’s basically no trebs

Going out on a weekend is a rare occasion unless your parents or friends from home are up (paying). Drink prices rocket up and trebs disappear quicker than Liz in No.10. Basically the weekend is a student’s time to get some actual uni work done, maybe Osborne Road.

Big up @pumphreysnewcastle for still doing three trebs for £9 on the Weekend.

P.S you can find about all of Newcastle’s best treb deals here.

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