Those five students you’ll meet on a Newcastle night out

How many have you met?

Every year, from the moment Freshers’ Week begins, up until the moment you leave third year, there are those standout students on a cheeky night out that make you feel like you’re in an episode of Fresh Meat. It can either make or break your nightlife experience in the Toon.

The one who’s never drank before

This student is likely that one who is usually low on the alcoholic side and once that uni life starts, the alcoholic within them sparks up. They end up going out the most out of their entire flat and yet end up crashing and burning before them all. This student is usually vomiting by 11pm and home by just after midnight and never fail to embarrass themselves in that short amount of time.

The one who plays up to the cameras

This student is the one who in all reality does not want to be there, but obviously is out and not by choice. One minute, they could be stood on the dancefloor looking around at everyone like a bouncer or constantly checking emails and messages as if they’re waiting for an important message.

As soon as the chance for a feature on someone’s Snapchat comes up, they’ll be the first one throwing their arms up and dancing. They are too scared of people thinking they’re boring, which is quite sad since university is all about being yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with being boring.

The one who thinks they have elite game

These students can be menaces, but undeniably somewhat have game on a night out as a result of their sheer confidence. Usually male students, they are a wild ride and can sometimes be too confident in their attempts, therefore ending up annoying quite a few people in the club.

They do have some of the most interesting night-out stories to tell the morning after.

The one who spends the whole night trying to ask for a song request

The keyword here is “trying” because ultimately this student never successfully requests a song and spends most of their night with their phone in the air, looking very silly.

This student will even go as far to tell the DJ that it’s their birthday or one of their friend’s birthday just to get their attention. All for a request of a song that will likely get ruined by a drum and bass remix.

The one constantly asking for something 

The likely thing is that this student is the richest or at least quite affluent but even university invites bizarre situations and unexpected people. Even before you’ve walked into the club, standing in the queue, random students will come up to with the plain confidence and ask if they can have a “puff” of your vape or they’ll even ask you for cash to buy something, but “bank transfer you the money later”, the popular excuse to get someone to lend you money.

But it’s even worse when they get inside the club and they’re still asking people to buy them a drink at the bar or even in the toilet. But we know that they never actually end up getting anything, which is actually a blessing in disguise but each to their own. It is even worse when one of these students are in your friendship group and they never pay you back, or has that just happened to me?

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