Just 10 fashion tips for Jesmond newcomers this autumn

Tips to help out any soon-to-be Rahs living in Jesmond now it’s freezing


If you already live in Jesmond, the likelihood of spotting the same fashion items on a recurring basis is pretty high. With the student suburb’s particular breed of Rahs, it would only be right to ensure the legacy lives on with this year’s generation of Jesmond residents.

Particularly as the Newcastle night-time gets increasingly more baltic, here are some fashion tips that will aid any Jesmond newcomers in the next few months:

Cargo trousers

If you’re living in Jesmond and you don’t own a pair of cargo trousers, you may need to seriously consider relocating. An oversized fit is particularly fashionable this winter, thanks to the painfully overpriced yet very popular Urban Outfitters parachute pants. With the addition of a scantily small top any Jesmond lass can achieve that 90s Britney Spears silhouette.

Urban’s extensive accumulation of cargos is sure to help out anyone who is still unaware of this trend, and if you’re looking to be even more irresponsible with your student loan check out Jaded London’s parachute line. Or, if you’re still wading your way through student debt give Vinted or Depop a go over, you may even discover a more unique pair to help you stand out from the Jesmond crowd.

Credit: @halogarms on Depop


If you’ve been in Newcastle for a while, why not scrap your north face puffer coat – after all, this isn’t 2020 anymore. Gilets are the puffer jacket’s cooler, less practical cousin. Due to the lack of arm coverage, they can be much cheaper as well. Plus, gilets give you a great opportunity to showcase that jumper you stole from your latest one-night stand.

Gilets are stocked for dirt cheap in plenty of charity shops across Newcastle and you’re onto a real winner if you can bag one with a fluffy hood to solidify that Y2K vibe.

Corset tops

If you’ve walked through Jesmond at any point in the last 12 months, the percentage of girls in the student suburb wearing a corset top accompanied by urban outfitters cargos is noticeably high. Recently girls have been taking this previously patriarchal item of clothing and making it their own. Amazon boasts a large selection of flattering corsets for under a tenner each and Vinted have many Urban Outfitters corset tops for a fraction of the price if you’re not willing to splash the cash on a brand new one.

Dad trainers

For years us girls have been suffering in heels, resisting the inevitable air force creasing and pondering how our gym trainers have got so filthy. Luckily, if you’re wanting to fit in with a more chilled Jesmond aesthetic, a pair of dad trainers is the perfect choice for any outfit. Whether it’s a study day at the library, £2 Tuesday or a spontaneous visit to Market Shaker, dad trainers are appropriate for every occasion.

Not only are they comfy, it also doesn’t matter if you get them a bit muddy as it just contributes to the general vintage vibe. New Balance 725s or 530s are the ideal pairs for this look, yet if you’re like every other female Jesmond resident, get yourself on Depop, eBay or Vinted for a second-hand pair in order to save the planet (and your overdraft).


On the topic of footwear, an old trend that has recently reared its head is UGGs. Comfy and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these slipper-like boots. Yes, our mums may be concerned for the health of our feet once the inward sole eventually disintegrates into nothing, but the beauty of university is the absence of our parents’ financial advice. So, if you’re sick of getting your fluffy socks soaked from going to Tesco’s in your sliders, get yourself a pair of UGGs online or second hand.

Fluffy coats

Every Jesmond lass is in need of a fur coat (faux fur of course) to add some high fashion to their pub crawl fit. Fur coats are a doubly beneficial item as we approach the baltic Newcastle winter which seems considerably more bitter than any other part of the UK.

Besides, if you can’t afford to whack your heating on in the lead up towards Christmas, at least you know your fur coat has your back in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis. We’d recommend finding a faux fur coat in charity shops, Depop, Vinted or eBay to save the pennies.

Credit: @halogarms on Depop


An eclectic collection of rings is vital for anyone living in Jesmond. If your fingers aren’t aching from the weight of excessive metal, can you even consider yourself a rah? Many Jesmond students are equipped with rings from across the globe, but we  recommend exploring charity shops in the area.

Most charity shops sell rings for less than £1 each, and since the likelihood of losing your favourite ring on the floor of market shaker is pretty high, you may want to limit your spending here. Just make sure to take them off before washing your hands to prevent any unpleasant rusting.

Skinny scarfs

Skinny scarfs are the most irrelevant yet adorable addition to your Jesmond pub night outfit. Their impracticality may not provide you with much warmth, but if you’re wanting to add a little glamour to your £2 Tuesday outfit, a stripey or glittery skinny scarf pairs well with pretty much any outfit – particularly a vintage leather jacket. If you’re questioning the price of the skinny scarfs at Urban Outfitters, have a look in some local charity shops or even search through your own childhood winter knitwear.

Credit: @slinkknits on Depop


Fingerless gloves

Another slightly impractical yet stylish accessory for this upcoming winter is fingerless gloves which can be found for dirt cheap pretty much anywhere on the internet. Despite their incapability to keep your fingers warm, the ability to scroll through TikTok without taking your gloves off can prove very handy.

They can be worn for a variety of social events including Blinkers and raves for slight, additional warmth. Plus, the absence of finger-covering fabric gives you the opportunity to showcase your jewellery adorned fingers.

Slick back hair

Stock up on your hair mouse from Jesmond boots or order some eco gel online to obtain the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic with this hairstyle. When you’re having a bad hair day or you simply can’t be bothered to make your hair look presentable, slicking your hair back into a bun, ponytail or plait is a quick and easy way to solve this.

The practicality of this hairstyle also prevents fly-aways amongst Newcastle’s windy winters. Yes, your hair may feel slightly damaged at the end of the day but after a quick shower it will be as good as new.

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