Newcastle has been ranked as the fifth best student night out in the UK

Clearly these people haven’t been to Shaker on a Wednesday

Newcastle student nights out have been placed fifth in the UK in a new study conducted by The city scored 202 points out of a possible 260, which isn’t bad if you ask me.

The study ranked cities based on a range of different factors, including the number of bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, the average price of a pint of beer, the number of takeaways, crime rate, and the number of hotels with 24hr receptions. I don’t see any indicator for most places to buy a treb but whatever.

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make first place; Manchester took the top spot at 235 points, followed by Glasgow at 233, London at 227, Edinburgh at 226 and finally, Newcastle at 202 points.

Each city was given a score out of 52 for each metric, making 260 the maximum possible score. The scores not only indicate the best cities for student nightlife but also cities where young adults can feel safe.

The study came. after Gov UK stats revealed that 180,000 18-year-old students in England had their place at their first choice university confirmed, the highest number ever recorded for an examination year.

The full list of the UK’s best cities for a student night out is available here.

While London may have the largest variety of places to drink in the country, I doubt they have the vibes that come hand in hand with a pint at The Dog & Parrot and a double vodka is no doubt going to cost you your first born down there.

I might be salty, but we all know it’s because the Toon is clearly the deserving winner. Up the North!

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