Students in the Toon spend £100 per month on takeaways, according to a new report

Hi, Toon Takeaway – do you accept Klarna?

Newcastle and Northumbria students are reported to spend over £100 every month on takeaways, according to a recent study by SPAR. With both the winter and exam season growing closer each day, it’s obvious that the slog to and from Aldi on the Metro just isn’t going to happen.

On top of that, you’re needing to take out a credit card to be able to afford a food shop at Jesmond Tesco these days and Uber Eats have such tempting discounts, so all in all I can’t say I blame you.

It comes as no surprise that students are at the top of the list for spending the most on their favourite fast food, with students in Newcastle spending on average £100 a month on takeaways alone. That adds up to over £900 from September through to June, a sum that definitely could be spent better elsewhere.

Although that figure seems a lot, it’s nothing compared to the likes of London students who spend a massive £226 per month, closely followed by Leeds students at £217, and Edinburgh students who blow £207 a month. So don’t feel that bad about yourself.

Interestingly, 40 per cent of 16 to 24 year olds are wanting to swap out takeaways for fakeaways and 22 per cent said they’d already started to spend less on ordering food. More money for booze, I say.

Further research by community retailer SPAR revealed that Gen Z’ers between 16 and 24 are spending up to £340 every month on takeaways and food deliveries – that’s £4,080 every year. Whats more, over half of the demographic (57 per cent) admit to wanting to cook cheaper and healthier meals at home.

These figures are definitely eye-opening and a good wake up call for all of us who believe that a night out is not complete without cheese and gravy chips – but the drunk heart wants what the drunk heart wants.

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