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27 things you’ll find in every basic girl’s uni room

Room inspo at its finest

We've all seen those uni rooms, covered in fairy lights and cute pics from that time you went to Thailand. They're aesthetic to the eye which is why we all decorate in the exact same way.

Maybe you're not on the same page as all the other uni girls, but for the 90 per cent that are, here is a list of everything we can guarantee will be in your room somewhere.

Give yourself a point for each one you have!

1. Fairy lights (getting that one out of the way first)

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It just wouldn't be uni without them

2. Plants

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3. Inspirational quotes

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Live, laugh, love xo

4. Something you bought whilst travelling

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"Oh yeah I had like three gap yahs and found myself in Bali"

5. Scented candles

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6. Flowers

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Let's pretend a boy sent them

7. Pictures (bonus points if they're polaroids)

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8. Lots of cushions

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9. More inspirational quotes

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10. A diffuser (probably from Primark)

11. Something about their star sign

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Super spiritual

12. A flamingo light

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Classic fresher

13. A map of the world (probably a scratch map)

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With most of Asia scratched off

14. Blankets

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15. Mugs

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16. A tapestry

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17. Pretty alcohol bottles

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18. Animal slippers

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19. The first letter of your name

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20. A wall literally covered in pictures

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21. A cork board

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22. Mainly fictional or romantic books

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23. A photobooth strip

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Everyone laugh in 3, 2, 1

24. A collection of birthday cards

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25. One of these

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The message hasn't been changed since the first time it was used

26. A dream catcher

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27. Unicorns

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27 out of 27? We knew it