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Join our team: Write for The Newcastle Tab

You know you want to

It's January, you've already put a "new year, new me xo" pic on the gram and your resolution is to be more sociable at uni and join at least one new society – make that The Tab!

We had an amazing 2018, we outed the uni about just how much they are earning from shutting down our Jesmond house parties, broke the news about the Newcastle uni Eldon society Christmas ball and more importantly, helped you decide which Quality Street you are.

Now we're back for more in 2019 and it's your time to join us. We're having an open meeting at Bar Blanc in Jesmond on Monday 28th January at 6:30pm. Check out the Facebook event for more details and updates.

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Meetings are really informal and we catch up and share news over pizza and pints.

Whether you're a media student destined for Fleet Street or a medic who has never explored the field of journalism – we want you. We're not just looking for writers but also meme maker, video editors and great photographers!

For more information, message us on Facebook or Instagram or drop one of our editors, Hannah and Izzy, a message!

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