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Which Quality Street are you based on your Newcastle habits?

Who does coconut think she IS?!


Everyone loves a Christmas chocolate tin, and one household favourite is, of course, the Quality Street.

On the surface they're just plain chocs, but have you ever thought to delve deeper and see what that green triangle really says about your Jesmond street cred?

We rifled through the tin to see what secrets we could find…

The Toffee Finger

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You're 100 per cent a bit of a flirt, but people often misjudge you as just plain, old creepy. You'd also probably rather be in Flares (who wouldn't) – that wonderful floor really gets you going. But despite all this, you're still somehow quite popular around Jesmond… odd.

Strawberry Delight

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You're bright and giggly and go on a night out with only one aim – to pull. You're often caught throwing on some gold earrings, screaming "the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe!!!!". Your bedroom is adorned with flower garlands that you've got from Waikiki and you wouldn't be seen dead without your chunky Fila trainers which you wear around Leazes with pride.

Milk Chocolate Block

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You spent your first year in St Mary's, but you're actually a bit of a dark horse and regularly find yourself in Blanc in second year. You're quite low maintenance and always have your life together. You've got your life plan together, and let's be honest, you always do your seminar reading.


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You're a secret student Tory and LIVE for the "#unpopularopinion" tweet. You shop in Waitrose (and only Waitrose) and love an indie band.

The Green Triangle

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You're everyone's favourite in the group but you demand a lot of attention. Obviously you have an undying love for Soho and blue trebs, but secretly you're a homebird at heart and return every weekend to see your significant other.

Toffee Penny

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You're really difficult and fall out with nearly everyone you meet… and you definitely aren't friends with anyone that you met in Freshers'. You like to think of yourself as a fuckboy/girl and probably had a job as a House of Smith promoter for the first week of uni (and then quit). You do Business or Management and you're always piping up in the "Newc uni business 2018/2019" group chat.


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100 per cent will flake on a night out. You're always doing work and you wouldn't be seen dead in Blanc. You get up for your 9am lecture at 6.30am so you have time for the gym and some revision. Probably have a StudyTube channel.


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You're fit as fuck and you don't take shit from anyone. You live your vintage sweatshirt (which was about £150) and Swingers is your second home. You look banging in all of your Instas but have been caught out for using airbrush filters before. You were the Queen of Leazes in first year and you haven't really moved on.

Orange Crunch

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You always get the worst hangovers and somehow manage to get your boobs out on every night out. You love a Red Stripe and MSA and post on Ticket Exchange at least twice a week. "Lost my phone, purse and dignity lol" is your catchphrase.

The Purple One

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You love Swingers and think you're the shit. You hand in all of your essays late but don't really care. You're a loud mouth and can often be found standing outside the Robbo with a rollie, shouting across the smoking area to all your other Southern friends.

Caramel Swirl

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Just an average kinda guy. You occasionally pull but you've been caught in action by the Tiger Weds photographer. Your favourite things are blue trebs and "Come on Eileen", and you always take your shirt off on a night out.