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Here’s the alternative Christmas playlist you’ve all been waiting for

For those who are sick of the old classics

Forget WHAM, ignore Mariah Carey and accept that Bublé has had his day. If you're sick and tired of listening to the same-old-same-old Christmas playlist and are a bit of a Grinch when it comes to those festive songs, then look no further than our alternative Christmas playlist.

These are the songs that not many know about and you won't hear them every single second of every single day. These are the new songs to open your advent calendar to, and perhaps, get you more into the Christmas spirit than those OGs would.

1. Don't Shoot Me Santa – The Killers

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It's very rare that someone doesn't like The Killers – they're a classic band with even more classic hits, but most people probably won't have heard this Christmas tune. Santa's Coming to Town is nothing on this.

2. White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes

If you're after something emotional and meaningful for this joyous time of year then don't worry, we have you covered.

3. Christmas as I Knew It – Johnny Cash

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One of the world's best selling artists of all time and a Christmas song combined, what could be better?

4. Must be Santa – Bob Dylan

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From the legend himself, there is not much else to say other than this is one you MUST listen to.

5. Driving Home for Christmas – Alice Jemima

No, we are not talking THE driving home for Christmas, this is something very, very different and something you may not have heard before… check it out.

6. You Bring the Snow – The Crookes

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One for the sad boys x

7. I Wish it was Christmas Today – Julian Casablancas

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Because don't we all?

8. Jingle Bell Rock – Rogue Wave

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For when you are looking for that remixed classic

9. Christmas Time – The Darkness

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Listen to this to support those smaller British artists!

10. Just Like Christmas – Low

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Another fab Christmas tune by this American rock/ indie band.

So although you might be remaining loyal to Mariah this Christmas, maybe you'll enjoy branching out a little…