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Brownies, ice skating and markets: All the festive things to do in Newcastle before term ends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Everyone's favourite time of year is finally here, so we can now listen to Mariah Carey and watch the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special guilt free and pretend like we haven't been doing such things since September anyway.

With mid-module assignments out of the way, we've rounded up a definitive list of all the Christmassy things you have to do in Newcastle before the end of term.

The Christmas Market

While this suggestion might seem blindingly obvious, the Christmas market is only open until the 16th December. From your classic Bratwurst sausage to a Bailey's hot chocolate, the Christmas market is bound to satisfy your festive food cravings. It's a great place to take cute pics too, so that's always a bonus.

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Enjoying a traditionally festive vegetable samosa

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How aBRAT that for a hotdog?

Get a brownie from the Brownie Bar at the market

I will let the picture do all the talking on this one. In the famous words of Nike: JUST DO IT.

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Heaven on earth

Ice skating, Times Square

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Not quite Central Park, however the ice rink outside the Centre for Life is deffo a firm rival. And what better time to risk breaking your limbs then when you have a month of your parent's waiting on you hand and foot over the holidays anyway?

Miracle on Grey's Street, pop up festive bar

Head to the Miracle on Grey's street pop up bar for a festive bev with your uni family before heading home for Christmas. The only thing better than a glass of wine is a glass of mulled wine.

See the Fenwicks' Christmas window

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If you haven't already walked past the festive display approximately 50 million times and drowned out the noise of "WE'RE WALKING IN THE AIR" blaring on repeat from the speakers, then why not? It's a cliché, but a classic.

Visit Hadrian's Tipi in Stack

The ultimate cosy place to get drunk while feeling somewhat sophisticated. Hadrian's Tipi might be pricier than Bar Blanc or our beloved Spoons but can you really put a price on feeling like you have your shit well and truly together while you take a boomerang of you clinking your over-priced glass of wine and hashtagging it #girlsnight #feelingfestive? I think not.

See the Christmas tree on campus

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The easiest one to do on the whole list, unless you've just given up on lectures at this point in the term and the idea of actually being on campus is all but a distant memory.