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Ed Farmer’s dad has called for those involved in future initiations to be expelled

Ed died following an Agricultural Society initiation

Ed Farmer's dad, Jeremy Farmer, has called for all students who are found to be involved in initiations in the future to be "removed from university".

Speaking to Today, Jeremy said: "Nobody has admitted responsibility. We certainly don't blame the students who were part of the initiation process. I think we don't ultimately blame the university. It's just a lack of understanding on the university's part of the problem that they had got, and I think it's been quite a shock to them to understand the seriousness of the problem."

Ed Farmer died in after an Agricultural Society initiation in December 2016. Activities included students shaving their heads, taking shots from a pig's head and downing 100 trebles between 40 people.

Ed's father said there should be strict consequences for those who involve themselves in future initiations: "I think they're [initiations] all banned at universities across the country. It's just that they weren't implementing the ban and we are of the opinion that there should be… draw a line in the sand, so that from here on in everybody knows initiations are banned and if you step over that line you will be removed from university."

The inquest began after Ed's death, but was postponed due to Ed's parents questioning events around which the inquest was based. It was re-opened this October.

The 20-year-old's death was caused by cardiorespiratory arrest through alcohol poisoning due to the consumption of "excessive amounts of alcohol". The coroner report showed excess fluid in Mr Farmer's lungs and a starvation of oxygen to the brain.