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Third years set up Just Giving page to foot £1,000 bill after front door was booted down at house party

The party got out of hand(le)


A house of third years had their door booted down last weekend as their well anticipated Heaton house party was intruded by locals – truly a reflection of the area.

The six Northumbria students were hosting a house warming party to celebrate being back in Newcastle. The party had a strong turn out and most guests were personally known by the third years.

But during the early hours of Sunday morning, some gatecrashers arrived and tried to enter the house. They didn't take very well to being thrown out and one of them wasn't ready for home just yet. Instead, he decided his best bet of getting into a party that night would be to kick the door down.

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The door was replaced the next day with a makeshift wooden slab as the students waited to see what would happen surrounding a replacement.

Discussions with the landlord led to the house having to cough up £1,000 to fund the new door – think 50 metro fines. The door has now been replaced and they only have a few days to find the cash.

They are appealing for help from fellow students who understand the struggles of being poor.

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Their total raised currently stands at £225 which will just about cover the handle, so any help they can get is welcome.

If you want to donate, click here and expect an invite to the next party in return.

Contributors: Tamar Bowes