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NUSU Elections 2018: Meet your presidential candidates

i.e. the big dogs

NUSU elections are back. Amid snow and strikes, Newcastle University's campus has had a tumultuous couple of weeks but now we're finally getting some order back on campus. It's election time which means it's time to exercise your student voice and cast a vote for who you think should rule the school (campus) next year.

To help you out we've done the work for you and listed the candidates running for the all important President position. We have summarised their main points and put in their posters. Don't let your vote be wasted, take a look and have a vote.

Holly Waddell

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Studies: Combined Honours (Business, Spanish and Philosophy)

Holly's manifesto revolves around six key areas:

1. Create the NUSU Leadership programme to empower students from diverse backgrounds to run for leadership roles.

2. Cut the cost of living for students by working with local organisations including transport companies to secure deals for students.

3. Conduct a formal review of representation to ensure that all students have fair and thorough representation.

4. Have better links with the local community by celebrating NUSUs success in local media and encouraging student engagement in community activities.

5. Make Newcastle university healthier through free quit smoking aids, better mental health support and more healthy and fresh food options on campus.

6. More opportunities for work experience.

Holly says:

"I want to be president because I have the skills and experience of campaigning for and representing students through NUSU as a part-time officer, student representative on senate and as president of the working class students network. I have already created changes such as campaigning to make PEC procedures more inclusive and I want to continue to work to make a positive impact on the experiences of all students."

Read Holly's full manifesto here.

Raff Marioni

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Studies: History

Raff's manifesto revolves around six key areas:

1. Greater focus on mental health

2. Fulfill the potential of the Students' Union

3. Reduce financial costs

4. Improve library services

5. Encourage career optimism

6. Revitalise the Students' Union

Raff Marioni for NUSU President #24kMarioni

The CAMPAIGN VIDEO is out. #24kMarioni Voting opens TOMORROW (Monday 5th) at 12pm!Here's the link to vote: Drop Raff a #1 for NUSU President, it only takes 30 seconds. #Raff4President #VivaLaRaffalution

Posted by Vote Raff Marioni #1 for NUSU President – 2018-19 on Sunday, March 4, 2018

Raff says:

'While tuition fees increase and grants disappear, the Students' Union is needed more than ever to create a campus that is fair and affordable, and more optimistic about what we can all achieve during and after our degrees. I want to be President of a Students' Union that goes above and beyond to make everyone's time here unforgettable.

Let's work to sack off the burdens and worries, and instead provide the experiences, support and opportunities that will make our time in Newcastle memorable, and encourage us to make a difference once we graduate. #Raff4President #VivalaRaffalution'

Read Raff's full manifesto here.

Click here to cast your vote.