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Entire Robinson Library evacuated due to fire alarm

A mass exodus of the Robbo

At 3.05pm today the fire alarm went off in the Robinson Library, meaning all students had to evacuate the library and wait in the smoking area outside.

Students left their desks, grabbing their laptops and made their way out of the building. Luckily it appeared there was no fire for the huge queuing on the stairs could have potentially been dangerous.

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The Tab Newcastle asked the library staff what happened, however, the reasons for the fire alarm are currently unknown.

The alarm caused disruption as the four floors became full of noise and the whole building had to be evacuated. Madness in the Robbo this afternoon.

Photos and videos were taken on the scene, as were various Snapchat stories.

A sea of students crowded outside the Robbo for approximately 15 minutes before being let in. What a disruption to the day.

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An imaginative Snapchat

Evacuation from the other side of the Robbo