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Trebles are now being served in STEINS and the world has never been so amazing

Get them at Jitterbug in Mono tonight

Tonight at Jitterbug (Mono) trebs are being served in steins…IT'S ROCKING OUR WORLD. Forget struggling through the club with your round of trebs and spilling them all over yourself. You now can have your entire round poured into one.

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The steins cost £5 Monday-Thursday and £6 on a Friday. They combine two trebles and have a variety of flavours: any mixer you want including blueberry, mojito and jager.

Jitterbug Fridays at Mono has bought us this treat – things have never been so blueberry. No entry required before 12am and you can collect a free jager voucher on the street outside.

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The event states: "NEWS ALERT! We're making a revolution! We're bringing you the treble steins sharers!! So imagine your favourite trebs, doubled and in a stein! No more spilling blue on the floor, no more having to dance with both hands full! Jitterbug brings the disco to you!"

Get your steins in then lads.

Photo credit: Michael Trimble