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‘Taches and trebs: SNM team up with the Movember Foundation so we can party for a good cause

Whether you’re growing a wondrous moustache or looking for a man who is

This month, Saturday Night Mono will be raising money for men's health. The night's organisers have teamed up with the Movember Foundation to bring you a charity special that lasts all month long.

Every Saturday in November, the night will raise money for the biggest health issues men are suffering from all over the world – prostate and testicular cancer – as well funding charities that deal with mental health and suicide prevention.

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Those lovely beardy boys (and girls!) who are sporting a moustache will be given free admittance on Saturdays. Fundraising will be happening inside the event, alongside the usual tunes and trebs you can expect from Saturday Night Mono.

SNM have said: "Whether you're growing a Mo, supporting your friend's Mo or just looking for a sexy Mo Fo of your own, come down and party with us this Saturday for a great cause".

Check out the Facebook event for this Saturday's movember special, and condition that facial hair ready for a tash-tastic month.

Photo credit: Soho Rooms – Micheal Trimble