Hacks for saving money on your Newcastle night out

Save that precious coinage for Maga with the boys


Been for a standard night to Soho and Swingers, and ended up spending a tenth of your student loan? Got to make the last dregs of your money somehow last the rest of the term?

It happens to the best of us. Here are some tips that can help you limit that spendage and save it for the things that really matter, like the Topshop sale.

Bring a packed lunch

Why withdraw a crisp tenner at a cash point at 3am just to hand it straight over to the kebab man at Munchies who, most likely, hates you. The cheesy chips will either be forgotten by sunrise or reappear in the form of vomit in the downstairs loo at afters.

Instead, bring yourself a cheeky choccy bar. There’s always that one girl who takes a little handbag out only for everyone else to put their phone, keys and gum in it. Why not ask her to keep your sarnie for you until the two-stepping makes your tummy rumble?

The best part? You get to decide how much cheese, mayo and onion you get. None of this ‘40p extra’ shit.

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Never be the mug who downloads Uber

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is admitting to a room full of drunk students that you have an Uber account. You'll definitely end up with some tag-alongs you barely see in a stupidly expensive XL, and you both know they're never going to pay you back.

Try the faithful Metro. You never know, you might be lucky enough to find a lovely little used day-saver waiting for you on the ticket machine.

STOP buying drinks at the bar

That means kissing goodbye to that £9 round of trebles in Soho Rooms.

But hey, all the components of the blueberry treble are available on your doorstep: Jesmond corner shops are a haven of cheap spirits and flavoured fizzy drinks from blueberry to cream soda.

Though admittedly they'll be luke warm and you may have to drink them out of your flatmate's M&M World mug, they'll be a fraction of the price and will therefore taste so much sweeter.

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Of course, there's always the mighty hip flask to fall back on if you find yourself yearning for some voddy at 1am.

Go out earlier to get a stamp

The age-old trick. No one likes being the first one in the club, but if you miss cheap entry you'll end up forking out the best part of a tenner to attend a mediocre R&B night. Just go early, get your stamp then head to whichever trebles bar you most like to shimmy in. Simples.

If you're in a group, walk home

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Sometimes the funnest part of the night, the half hour walk back to Jesmond in these northern AM temperatures isn't for the faint of heart.

For those of you willing to brave it, stop for some danger-pees behind the bins or pop into Maccies on Northumberland street for some 99p chips.

Stay safe and never walk alone.

Braving the elements

Don't bring your card out

In fact, just bring some coins for the taxi or Metro. That way, you never end up being the one who has to pay for the whole taxi AND there's literally no way you can end up spending £6 on one double in Tup.