Newcastle’s BNOC 2017: The Winner

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Jack Gummerson, who is known for working at Londis, has won Newcastle's BNOC of the Year 2017.

The second year from Wigan managed to get a staggering 93 votes higher than second place to secure his position as BNOC of the Year.

Jack, who stuides economics, told The Tab:

"It is with great honour that I accept this coveted and prestigious title. I thank those who voted for me and extend my warmest gratitude to you all. When I first donned the famous Londis fleece I never thought that things would come this far, but with the support of you, the people, I have been able to stand on the highest pedestal of them all. As you were."

Jordan Scudder, who studies electrical engineering, came second with 160 votes. He told The Tab: "I'm really chuffed to come second in this year's competition. It was really great to see the rounds filled with people from all sorts of courses and backgrounds who have all done different things with their time at uni. Huge thanks to Jonny and Conor for nominating me and massive congrats to Jack for winning!"

Here is the full list of results: