The Students’ Union are finally changing the name of Mensbar

It’s taken nearly three years

The name of Mensbar, the allegedly sexist name of Newcastle’s student union bar, is to be changed after almost three years of deliberation.

Three alternative names have been put forward by the union: ‘Luther’s’, ‘The Cross and Lion’ and ‘Aelius’. Students are able to choose their preferred name, in a vote that runs alongside the election for their new sabbatical and part time officers this week.

The name ‘Mensbar’ is a reference to Newcastle’s university motto, ‘Mens Agitat Molem’, but has been deemed sexist by the student body as it implies that it is a bar for males only.

NUSU Education Officer Chris Duddy said the new change is “incredibly positive” and that the motto was created when the university was still tied to Durham, making it irrelevant today.

The first Tab Newcastle article focusing on the decision was published in 2014.

The new names are references to certain things that the university celebrates. ‘Luther’s’ is a reference to Dr Martin Luther King’s honorary doctorate from the university, ‘The Cross and Lion’ reflects the university logo and ‘Aelius’ refers to the Roman castle ‘Pons Aelius’ built on the River Tyne.