Mens Bar to change name because it has ‘patriarchal undertones’

It’s actually short for Mens Agitat Molem

Mens Bar will officially have its named changed after a group of campaigning students said it has “patriarchal undertones”. 

The name is an abbreviation of “Mens Agitat Molem” which is Latin for “Mind Over Matter”.

The motion, lead by education officer David Morris, was passed last Thursday following an open-invite meeting.

Femsoc president Lucy Morgan said: “FemSoc committee were impressed that David, the education officer, had proposed the motion to rename Mens Bar.

“When I asked our members what they thought about the name, the general consensus was that although they appreciated it’s latin origins, there was still initial confusion when first hearing the name.

“If something has to be explained so many times then surely it’s not worth the effort?

“As pointed out in student council, the name also has the potential to alienate international students as they make think it is a bar literally for men as many of our members did upon first arriving to Newcastle University.

“We fully support the motion and are excited to find out the new name”

Rosie Bellini, said: “If you have to explain the meaning of a name, it means it’s missed its purpose – sort of like explaining why a joke is funny.

“I doubt people know of its Latin origins”.

Hannah Ween, said: “I didn’t know about the Latin motto, and think it would be more interesting to maintain tradition but have the motto more present so that people understand the name”.

Olivia Bucknell, said: “Maybe add a subtitle if people feel this way. The name doesn’t bother me personally though!”

Thomas, 3rd-year, said: “I think there are more important things that need discussing at student council, I think Newcastle is fairly good with gender equality so this isn’t really a problem”.

Third year student Amy said: “When I walked into Mens bar in freshers week it was full of boys and I thought it was a bar for men.”