Newcastle Estate Agents: Which one’s your favourite?

Who will you choose to perform your maintenance?

Contributions from Ed Howe, Olly Clink and Elliot Lewis

With the housing hunt terrifyingly lurking around the corner who will you choose to be your estate agent? …or do you even care? Well you should because estate agents are obviously v important and some even give you free mugs, tempting right!?

It can definitely put a downer on your new sparkly house if your dishwasher is broken or your pipes are leaking and your landlord won’t do anything to help: it can be a disaster.

So while you search for the right peeps and crib to spend the next year in, also bear in mind the all important estate agent. To help we have culminated a list of Newcastle Student Estate Agents that’ll be right up your street.


Roseworth have a suave office on St Mary’s Place opposite The Five Swans, which any self respecting Newcastle student will know. Amazingly they don’t charge admin fees and provide a door-to-door service between property viewings. Roseworth are fast at responding to emails, but appaz aren’t always the best time keepers. As they state on their website “Move in with just a toothbrush!”, their houses are all conveniently fully furnished – there goes that dreaded Ikea trip with mum. Roseworth also only deal with student lettings meaning they are well equipped to our needs and our slightly temperamental tenancy.

Oaks Properties 

Oaks Properties give out fabulous bright pens to all of their punters. To find their office in Jesmond all you have to do is go to the esteemed Osborne Road and there it is in prime location. You can even fit in a trip to Happy Hour once you’ve finished your house viewings and celebrate the signing of your new house. Praise for Acorns includes their quick response with maintenance issues, lovely staff and many properties with bills included. The latter enables students to keep toasty and heat the house to their hearts content. At Oaks, as it says on their website, they include Plasma TVs and free Broadband in the deal.

Ridley Properties

Ridley Properties is a medium sized estate agent just off  Northumberland Street on Ridley Place. Ideally located just opposite Zapatista, so you can buy a burrito and a house practically simultaneously – think of the emoji inspo for that Instagram. Ridley Properties respond to maintenance issues at a staggering rate and without any delay. A student once emailed about a leak in their bedroom and within twenty minutes someone was round to fix it. You know that Ridely are cool when you go on their website and they show you where the best bars in the city are located, cheers for that.

Walton Robinson

This letting agent is one of the biggest in Newcaslte and pride themselves on being a “professional agent”. A lot of students will choose Walton Robinson simply because its the biggest, and often biggest means best. Walton Robinson are an independent firm and pretty hands on, they have a reputation that’s not too shabby. Being the biggest in the Toon Walton Robinson properties range all over the city so whether your interested in Jesmond, Sandyford, Heaton or Gosforth you can search to your hearts content. You’ll find their office just a stones throw away from uni opposite Haymarket metro, it’s rude not to take a look.

Pat Robson

Pat Robson have an office on Osborne Road but don’t be surprised if the agent assigned to your Jesmond property is located in Heaton, which can cause problems when all you want is a face-to-face meeting about the latest problem. Pat Robson don’t just cater for students: they also deal with sales and investments  across Newcastle, and was established in 1999. They’re quite lenient with handing back deposits.

Groves Residential 

Groves doesn’t just focus on Newcastle – it’s found all over the shop, anywhere from Newcastle to Berwick upon Tweed. Groves are located in a few places around the city, but namely on Acorn Road in West Jesmond. The perks of this agent (and the only info you need really) are that they offer a free Metro pass for the year. Why go elsewhere when you skip walking to uni in the cold and rain?! It’s a no-brainer.

Exchange Residential

Very attentive and will send someone round to fix something quickly, sometimes even within 1 hour. Fair and competitive rent prices, and their staff respond quickly to emails. Only minor issue is that they’re based in an obscure location in Sandyford.