Newcastle entrepreneurs create platform to make applying for jobs easier

They’re working with companies involved with Disney and Star Wars

Applying for jobs can be a tiresome and arduous process – at least this is the view of the Find My Future founders.

Newcastle University students have created a new platform for us to connect directly with small-to-medium-sized creative businesses in the North East.

The Tab spoke to one of Find My Future’s five founders, Ryan Letley, who’s in his second year studying Business Management.

The NUBS entrepreneurs behind Find My Future: Laura Nichols, Ryan Letley, Finlay Hutchinson, Naomi Trembath and Amee Wightman

What prompted you to set up Find My Future?

After our own experiences of applying for internships and placements, we discovered the processes for the widely advertised internships/placements are very drawn out and take hours to complete – however applying for SME’s is much easier and faster. They only want a CV and then a short interview. But very few SMEs advertise positions because there is no dedicated platform for them. That’s why we set up Find My Future: to give SMEs a platform to advertise their positions.

How many customers have you had?

We are still in the very early stages of establishing the company, but we encourage anyone to come along to our first on Tuesday (1st March) where members can come along and meet up with SME recruiters.

What are your aims?

We aim to help as many businesses and students as possible to connect with each other and realise the benefits that both can bring to each other. We’d also like to reduce the Northern skills gap, which is caused by large companies recruiting people from Northern universities and then taking them down to London. Find My Future puts students in contact with companies based in the North East.

Is there anything more that you think the University/authorities/Government should be doing to narrow the skills gap experienced in the North East?

Much more attention needs to be placed on promoting the benefits and huge potential of staying and working in the North East and working with SMEs. This needs to be a joint effort by universities and Government in collaboration with local businesses. There also needs to be an emphasis on promoting Northern students to North East businesses and encouraging them to take on students.

Are you staying in the North for your placement?

I could be placed in either Edinburgh or London so could be heading in either direction.

What advice can you give to people who are interested in finding a placement with a North East SME?

There is a recruitment event next Tuesday hosted by Find My Future with guest speaker CEO from Blue Kangaroo – an animation company based in the North East which works with Disney. He was also involved with the new Star Wars film. We encourage everyone to come along at the Newcastle University Business School Room 8.10 on 1st March between 1pm and 3pm. The event is open to all businesses and students of any university, and aims get students and local SMEs in touch to close the skills gap and allow the North East to benefit from the enormous talent being produced here.