Unite Against Fascism will march in Newcastle on Saturday

They want students from both Unis to join them

In response to a recent pro-Hitler demonstration in Newcastle city centre, Unite Against Fascism have teamed up with Stand Up To Racism to organise a peaceful demonstration on the streets of Newcastle this Saturday.

National Action stood at Monument last month – the weekend before Holocaust Memorial Day – posing with banners stating “Hitler was right” and “Refugees not welcome”, which lead to several arrests. Unite Against Fascism, Newcastle Unites and Stand Up To Racism are now planning a counter-march through Newcastle city centre, finishing at Monument, on the 20th Feb (this Saturday).

Daniel Kebede, Co-ordinator for Stand Up To Racism and teacher from Wallsend, told The Tab: “National Action have come together into a small clique to promote fascism. Their racist ideology is not welcome in Newcastle. The tide of racism can only be driven back by us all standing together and confronting it.

“Islamophobia and racism are on the increase again as politicians look for scapegoats for all the problems the UK is currently facing. From treatment of migrants to new British fascist groups such as National Action and the EDL, we are facing a new racist offensive”.

Dan encourages people from both Newcastle and Northumbria universities to come out and show their support. The march to Monument will start at 1pm at the Centre for Life (outside Digital). At Monument, speakers will give talks from 2pm. The event is free to attend, and you can register your interest here.