Newcastle’s couples will spend nearly £50 on each other on Valentine’s Day

Couples in Preston spend the most

Figures released by WorldPay yesterday show how Newcastle’s lovers spend the 13th highest amount of money in the country on their partners.

Couples in Newcastle spend on average £44.99 on each other, beating Liverpool (£44.84), London (£43.30), Leeds (£42.38) and Manchester (£41.54).

Preston in Lancashire wins hands down – with lovers there spending £53.36 on average – £4.09 more than second place Milton Keynes.

The stingiest lovers in the UK reside in the West Midlands – where lovers in Walsall will spend just £26.74, and in second-to-bottom Coventry they’ll spend £26.74.

The National average is £45.10, according to WorldPay – whose figures are calculated by extrapolating data from card transactions at restaurants, florists, hotels and other Valentines Day-type locations.

They found that £1.6bn was spent on Valentines gifts in February 2015, with jewellers and hotels experiencing a 30 percent rise in income around the February holiday.