Newcastle is the UK’s eighth best student city

We’re also 67th in the world

Newcastle has been voted the eighth best student city in the UK. 

According to the QS Best Student Cities 2016, we rank eighth in the UK and 67th best in the world.

The poll ranks cities based upon the ranking of their universities, affordability, desirability, employer activity and student mix.

Newcastle came third in the UK for student mix and affordability, however all British universities were considered expensive compared to those in Germany and the Far East.

Affordability was ranked based on the cost of a Big Mac and an iPad, which came out at $4.51 and $605 respectively in Newcastle.

London came top in the UK despite students having to declare bankruptcy to go on a night out there. Edinburgh and Manchester came second and third.

We have the most fun

QS said: “Newcastle ranks highly for student mix thanks to its large student population and high percentage of international enrollments (23 per cent), making for a multicultural student experience.”

Many students will be shocked to see Newcastle isn’t higher up the list. We’re the home of Geordie Shore, Debbie Dumpling and three trebles for a fiver. Clearly QS missed the brief on how much two trebles and a Jaegerbomb at Soho costs when they were preparing their “affordability” ranking.


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