Clubbers of the week: Is it Christmas yet?

Pow pow


Clubber of the Week (getting the festive season just so right)

When you tell you’re girlfriend you’re ‘out with the lads’ and she walks through the club door

That look when you’ve had enough

When you see your mate leaving with a girl

Cutie of the week

When you say on Sunday you’re not drinking this week and Monday night comes

When Elastigirl has a night off in Digi

When you see your course mate out you’ve said ‘hi’ to once

Duck face of the week

When your first date ends up in Floritas

Most protective boyfriend of the week

The look you give your mate when you’ve pulled a hunnie

The smile you give when you know your night has gone better than planned

Most intense clubbers of the week

When some someone lets off an unsociable smell in the middle of the dance floor

Thumb man of the week

When there’s no time to walk around the camera man and you need to chun

Cheesiest grin of the week

Wanker of the week