We asked people in the SU how often they go out-out

‘I’m known as five can Sam’

Newcastle – it’s undeniably the uni with the best nightlife in the UK.

The drinks are cheap, the nights are great and Facebook feeds are filled with pictures of people going out all the time.

We went to our SU to ask people how often they go out.

Serena, second year

“I’ll go out three times per week I recon. Love Playground Wednesday at Tup Tup. I’ll pre drink on Gordon’s gin and tonic and probably have around 1/4 of a bottle.”

Victoria, first year

“Four times a week – yeah it’s a lot. Sometimes more! I’d head out to WHQ when events are running otherwise Cosmic on a Tuesday and I’ll drink vodka with Robinson’s blackcurrant and apple squash.”

Philip, second year

“I go out twice a week. I really like Rebel at digital on Thursdays. My favourite pre drink is value voddy.”

Alex, first year

“It’s hard to say. I probably go out two to four times a week. Definitely every week to Thursdays at Swingers. I’d have a few cans of whatever cheap value beer is on offer.”

Anna, third year

“Yeah I go out about two to three times per week. I love going to Tiger Wednesdays and really like Throwback on Saturdays. Value vod is what I drink at pres (usually around a third of a bottle).”

Edea, Master’s student

“I don’t go out that much probably only around once or twice per month. I love Nando’s and will also have a cheeky glass of wine or two there. Pre-drinks don’t exist. I would start sober.”

Sam, first year

“Yeah I’ll go out three times a week. Love Rebel Thursdays. My pre drink is five cans of Fosters. I’m known as five can Sam.”

Chloe, first year

“Yeah I’ll go out five days a week and it’s all about Digi Mondays. I’ll pre on a bottle of wine.”

Matt, first year

“Urm I’ll go out two days per week. Mondays starts and ends at Flares. Thursdays is all night at Tup Tup. I’ll drink about 3/4 bottle of vodka. Russian Standard or Smirnoff. Mixed with lemonade and then either cranberry or pomegranate”