I tried to eat 7lbs of meat at Longhorns

It was my biggest challenge yet

Kate Ovens – she’s been professionally guzzling burgers around the country for almost two years.

Her tiny frame and enormous appetite have been praised by Food Bible, LadBible, Capital FM and even the The Tab.

Newcastle fourth year Kate Tells us what is was like taking on her biggest challenge yet: the Breaking Baddass BBQ Challenge.

I’d heard a lot of hype about Longhorn’s on my marketing placement down South and was keen to get back to Newcastle and give this a go. When the operations manager got in touch, nervously I accepted the offer.

Competitive eaters such as Randy Santel from the USA, and Beard Meats Food, UK, had attempted this challenge but hadn’t completed it. Seeing as they’re much better at food challenges than I am, I knew the chances of me completing would be incredibly slim.

Consisting of a whopping 7lb including beef brisket, beef ribs, smoked hog, pork ribs, sausages, chicken wings and three bean chilli, brioche bun, coleslaw and a huge portion of fries… the Breaking Badass BBQ Challenge is definitely not a food challenge for the faint hearted.

The winner gets the meal for free, and a T-shirt too.

I made sure I prepared properly before hand. During the weeks running up to it, I ate super healthily and upped the gym sessions quite a bit. On the day, I made sure not to eat anything and only drink water.

To take the pressure off me a little, I invite fellow food guzzler and close friend Tom Waring. He’s best known on campus for playing American Football, but he’s also got a bit of a reputation for having an appetite.

Feeling that it may be more fun than losing on my own (I didn’t stand a chance) and possibly motivate each other to beat one another.

The meat was delicious. Probably the only thing that kept me going was the quality of the food. During the first ten minutes of the challenge we were actually on top form. The meat was so tender, the pork and ribs definitely being my favorite parts.

But after about 30 minutes we both hit the wall. The sausages weren’t as desirable as they were at the start and the chips were getting cold. I think everyone’s reached that stage before when eating, they really want to carry on because it’s such good quality, but it becomes a bit of a struggle.

Sadly Tom had American-Football training that night, so instead of forcing it down to make himself sick, he decided to call it quits at a well respected 38 minutes.

Feeling that I still had space, I decided to make it my aim to carry on to the full 60 minutes, slowing down my pace.

Taking on pieces of the brioche bread and dipping into the beans to try and do “two at once” as a strategy. I wish I could have had the whole day, or even two days to do this challenge because it’s really great quality food and such a lovely atmosphere.

But when the timer went, I was definitely done. Sadly, I didn’t complete it, but I think it was an honourable attempt for someone of my size.

Luckily I didn’t feel as ill as I should have felt for eating that amount, and would definitely do it again.

To see more of Kate’s food challenges visit her Facebook page.

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