Motion passed to stop offensive costumes at Throwback and all NUSU events

Only 55% voted in favour

The Students’ Union Council passed a motion last night that means students will not be able to wear offensive costumes on a SU event.

The motion titled “NUSU Fancy Dress Policy” is aimed at making the Students’ Union a more inclusive environment and protecting the student.

Costumes that have now been banned include:

  • Wearing blackface (people who are not black painting their skin to look black)
  • Dressing as famous domestic abusers / rapists / paedophiles
  • Dressing as any famous figure who incites hatred / violence against certain groups of people (e.g. nazis, Klu Klux Klan etc.)
  • Dressing as people from marginalised groups in a disrespectful way (e.g. dressing as Caitlyn Jenner in a mocking way.)

The policy will be enforced at Throwback and all NUSU events forbidding students “to wear costumes which may incite hatred, mockery, or violence against marginalised groups of the student body.”

Gender Equalities Officer at NUSU Lucy Morgan who proposed the motion said: “I am delighted that the motion I proposed passed. It is vital that Newcastle University Student’s Union takes a strong stance against all forms of racism, sexism and transphobia.

“There was an incredibly strong yet unwarranted opposition to this motion, which just makes me even prouder of every person in the room who chose to vote yes. If NUSU truly wants to take a strong anti-racist and feminist stance then the implementation of this policy is essential, not only for the credentials of the university but, most importantly, the safety of all students.”

The motion narrowly passed with only 55% of voters voting in favour of the policy. It faced a large opposition but will come into force immediately.