Bouncer shot at Tup Tup by man on motorbike in ‘day of horror’

He was shot in front of a crowd of 50

Around 10:30pm last night, an armed man on a silver motorbike is reported to have pulled up outside Tup Tup Palace and opened fire on a doorman.

Witnesses described the 24-year-old bouncer known as Matthew walk into an ambulance with a bloodied shirt hanging from his belt.

Geordie Shore’s favourite club was closed and people were removed from the area after the bouncer was shot in a drive-by in front of a crowd of 50.

The doorman was taken by ambulance to the Royal Victoria Infimary.

What is normally an area full of revellers was instead filled with police officers and forensic teams.

Many thought the bang was a car or motorbike backfiring but screams were heard from people queueing to enter the club.

The motorcyclist is thought to have been wearing a black visor, leather jacket, blue jeans and motorbiking boots, and driving a silver motorbike with a black bodykit.

An eyewitness told the Chronicle: “The bike moved slowly towards Tup Tup and he was just past the kerb when there was a massive bang.

“I could not see what he was carrying but knew it was a gunshot. I used to go shooting with my family and it sounded to me not like a shotgun, but like a big handgun.

“I thought for a second it was the motorbike backfiring.

“The people outside Tup Tup did not react. I don’t think they knew what was going on. But some girls in party dresses stood next to me started to scream.”

This had been branded a “day of horror” after a 24-year old man was also found dead on grassland near the A1 in the morning and a 16-year old was stabbed in Eldon Square at 6pm in front of horrified shoppers.

The teen ran bleeding out of the centre, down Nelson Street and Market Street before reportedly collapsing on a bench.

After the Tup Tup drive-by, Superintendent Bruce Storey said: “We’re carrying out enquiries to establish the circumstances of this incident and any particular motive, at the current time our enquiries so far lead us to believe there is not a risk to the wider members of the public.

“Understandably though people are concerned and it is worrying that this has happened, especially on a busy night in Newcastle city centre where there were many people enjoying a night out.

Appealing for witnesses, he added: “If anyone saw a silver motorbike bike in the city centre around the time of this incident or saw it before or has seen it since then we want to hear from them.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Northumbria Police on 101, extension 69191 and quote reference 1410 060615.