Milking with prestige

New craze hits the world’s ‘elite’ Unays!

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It’s not just students in Newcastle that have the time and dedication to construct a little milking video. Some of the world’s most exclusive universities have now jumped on the bandwagon.

Yesterday, none other than Harvard University uploaded a milking video that is sure to cause more than a little stir across the pond.

The latest crime scene!

Team that up with one from Oxford University and it’s beginning to look like the world’s future leaders may have a sense of humour.

Considering the stir that Newcastle’s version has caused, with claims that we simply ‘have too much spare time’, it seems these boffins have more than enough to match us.

The only difference seems to be that our American cousins are a little less amused to be seeing it in the flesh. Harvard’s version sees members of the general public running for their lives at the sight of a little milk!

On the plus side they may have found the ultimate way to guarantee a seat on public transport!

With the snow pushing upon Newcastle could we be in for seeing a little ‘Ice creaming’?

Have a look at the Yanks’ attempts and tell us what you think!