Clubbers of the week: Where we’ve always been in week 15

If I have to keep rhyming these titles I’m going to lose it

Semester B has kicked off, meaning students are back to work, studying hard to meet those way-in-the-future deadlines. Right? Of course not. And we’ve got the pictures to prove it. From white t-shirt parties to pub golf, Lincoln students have made it their mission to succeed in the perfect “work hard, play harder” lifestyle.

Heroes of the week

This man is simply too cool, hands down the hero of the week

Runners up

Obviously, Lincoln’s top photographer is one of our heroes – where would we get all our content from otherwise???

Even in a crowd, this hero demands to be seen and lets the photographer know he sees him right back

Album cover of the week

This man is breaking the fourth wall so hard, it’s like The Office meets club anthems (don’t ask me to explain what that would sound like)

Runners up

She’s giving Blackpool Illuminations on a budget

Lowkey reminds me of northern indie rock bands from the early 2000s

Heroines of the week

Beer in hand, this heroine isn’t going to let anything get in her way

Runners up

A superhero squad of coordinated girlies who know how to dress for a theme

This heroine is just happy to be there and honestly, I think we can all learn something from her

Third wheel of the week

I don’t have much to say about this trio, I just want someone to look at me the way this girl looks at her VK

Runners up

If you’re gonna have a third wheel, may as well make it Bully

This unintentional third wheel didn’t get the memo about having fantastic locks, but he did bring an unnecessarily large pencil?

Stunners of the week

Please tell me your hairstyling secrets

Runners up

Besties with pretty smiles make it into stunners of the week

You’ve coordinated your outfits, and this is my new favourite colour

Creepers of the week

There are at least three creepers in this photograph, I’m impressed

Runners up

Are you standing on a table sir, or are you just very tall?

This creeper decided to get as close as he could to his mates

Squad of the week

You know you have a huge squad when you manage to make Bully look small

Runners up

Squads who know their angles only make each other look better

This looks like a VK ad and honestly, I’d buy into it

Unhappy clubber of the week

When you’re not quite wasted enough to be taking club photos

Runners up

Despite the love the girls are giving the gentleman is not vibing

The guy on the right looks about ready to go to sleep, also your stein is dangerously close to slipping out of your hand

WTF of the week

There’s a lot to unpack in this photo, it kind of sums up the average night out pretty well

Runners up

Wet floor signs are the new clubbing accessory – in case you didn’t get the memo

If Bully’s confused, you know we’re going to be confused

Best of the rest

If I had a category to put you guys in I would’ve, this photo is adorable

I didn’t realise people were dabbing again

Impeccable style from these two ladies

Image credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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