Here’s what to expect on every Lincoln student’s Hinge profile

*other dating sites are available*

Dating apps are perhaps single students most used app – after Deliveroo and Tiktok of course. Their ability to present you with hundreds of people from anywhere in the world makes them a great way to meet new people. Whether it’s for the short or long term, you can guarantee that you will find someone for you.

To the untrained eye, swiping through all of these profiles can feel overwhelming. How do you separate all of these different profiles into ones worth liking and ones you never wish to see again? A seasoned swiper, however, is acutely aware of the ‘types’ of profiles you can find on all dating apps. Gap yah girlies, fish-cradling crazies and the ones that only post photos of themselves in large groups are all iconic profiles you’ve probably come across before. But what can you expect from a University of Lincoln profile? Lucky for you, I’ve had plenty of time to think about this. And now I can present to you a comprehensive list of things that make up every Lincoln student’s dating profile.

A group photo at Trebles

To show you they’re the kind of cool person that likes to go out.

A diss pic in front of the Brayford

Any recent grad will be posting these everywhere and anywhere just so they can talk about it.

‘A social issue I care about: Lincoln’s swan population’

Green flag if they care about the swans, red flag if they sit on the grass with them.

A pres photo taken in Pavs

Probably taken in their first or second year, if you don’t have a photo taken in Pavs you basically didn’t go to Lincoln.

An adorable photo of them petting a cat in the Cat Cafe

Image may contain: Cat, Pet, Animal, Mammal, Furniture, Couch

This photo tells you that a) they’re an animal person and b) they will think of cute dates to go on with you.

‘I take pride in: attending Quack! every week’

This prompt was designed to impress you but doesn’t impress anyone who isn’t in first year.

A ‘candid’ photo of them looking out at the Brayford in Wagamama’s

If you can use chopsticks there’s no better place to show off that fact than your dating profile.

Them and their sport teammates

This one’s a given, and they will definitely ask you if you are in any societies yourself. Be prepared to spend your first date bumping into their teammates and awkwardly third-wheeling them for an hour.

‘You should not go out with me if: you take the dinosaur bridge over the tracks rather than waiting’

Kind of self-explanatory – no sane person is climbing those stairs.

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