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Ellie Wilson
Lincoln University


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Clubbers of the week: We’re in a wintery heaven in week eleven

The thought of washing all the artificial snow out of my hair makes me want to cry

Clubbers of the week: Get your Santa hats then, it’s week ten

Get your ugly festive sweaters ready, society Christmas socials are upon us

Clubbers of the week: Feeling just fine in week nine

*Insert mental image of me Googling who Chef Dave is*

Clubbers of the week: Getting in a state for week eight

Is that the whisper of Mariah Carey I hear??

Clubbers of the week: Reading week’s in session, it’s week seven

From pizza parties to VK giveaways, what’s not to love about this week

Clubbers of the week: we got some funky pics in week six

Halloween continued to bring the energy and you were all here for it

Clubbers of the week: Feeling alive in week five

The chaos and carnage of Halloween never fails to disappoint

Clubbers of the week: Do you look good on the dance floor in week four

Who doesn’t love a Maccies mid-boogie?

Eight Great British Bake Off memes every Lincoln student can relate to

Life imitates art or, in this case, life imitates the sliding heap of what was once a cake

Clubbers of the week: Feeling free in week three

The silent disco really brings out the best… in some of you

Five things they don’t tell you about becoming a University of Lincoln postgrad

Every day’s a school day – unless it’s the day after Quack, in which case the day doesn’t exist

Clubbers of the week: No time to feel blue in week two

Because really, who’s going to let a little freshers’ flu get in the way of meeting Cal the Dragon?

A University of Lincoln student had to live in a tent whilst finishing her degree

‘Living in the tent started off as a joke so when it happened it was definitely a shock’

Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ 2022 edition

We’re back once again with all of your lovely mugs

We spoke to freshers on their first Lincoln night out and here’s what they said

Your opinions on icks, student accommodation and flat-cest

Clubbers of the week: The best we’ve seen from week 18

Warm weather and St Patrick’s Day? We’re being spoiled

All the women UoL students are celebrating this Women’s History Month

From authors to mothers – we love them all

Clubbers of the week: Where we’ve always been in week 15

If I have to keep rhyming these titles I’m going to lose it

Here’s what to expect on every Lincoln student’s Hinge profile

*other dating sites are available*

UoL offers support to students and staff affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine

‘These are troubling times and as we wish for a peaceful resolution to the crisis, we send all our best wishes to all those affected directly or indirectly’

Five things every UoL student has thought about during storm Eunice

*cancels all the plans I didn’t want to attend anyway*

Clubbers of the week: feeling the scene in week thirteen

No one strikes a pose like a UoL student after a couple of steins

Five things Lincoln students can do this Galentine’s Day

Boozy pottery, drag shows and picnics

We rated Lincoln students’ dating nightmares and they’re hell on earth

Because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry

Here’s a list of what to expect in your first deadline season at UoL

Welcome, prepare to procrastinate like you’ve never procrastinated before

Clubbers of the week: We’re back in session in week eleven

New year – same old drunken mistakes

Naturawell: Lincoln grads open city’s first plant-based food bar

‘We just want to do something different, be recognised for the work we’ve put in and have people benefit from what we’re doing’

We went to the new bubble tea shop and this is what it’s like

The novel-TEA cafe finally brings bubble tea to Lincoln

Clubbers of the week: Making friends in week ten

Because some of you got really friendly this week

In pictures: Lincoln Christmas Market 2021

A big thanks to my friends for allowing me to act like a tourist in my own city

Plan your Lincoln night out and we’ll tell you what your Christmas song is

Whether you’re a festive fanatic or a bit of a Grinch, you know you want to take our quiz

Clubbers of the week: getting in a state in week eight

Is that Mariah Carey I see in the pres playlist?

All you need to know about Lincoln’s Night Light Cafes

The out-of-hours volunteer service here to help you

I decided to romanticise a week of my life in Lincoln and it went better than I thought

Trust me, if you want to feel like the main character, it’s a lot easier than you think

Clubbers of the Week: The best pics come in Week Six

The pre-reading week energy really pulled through for this one

In pictures: the return of Thor’s Tipi Bar in Lincoln

All I want for Christmas, is this little bar and all it has to offer

‘We want to give students as much help as we can’: Lincoln SU officers on Lincoln Night In

‘For us, even if one person had turned up tonight, it would have been a success’

This is what to go as for Halloween based on your Lincoln night out

Because if you haven’t sorted your outfit out by now, you definitely need my help

Clubbers of the Week: Feeling free in week Three

I feel like we need some kind of funky intro music for this

‘Never hesitate to call us:’ Lincs Police urge women to contact them if they feel unsafe

‘Our job is to protect you’

Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ Week 2021

Call your mum, you’re famous!

‘Include your flatmates in traditions you did at home’: Students share tips on starting uni

From one collection of students to another

The 2021 Great British Bake Off contestants as Lincoln students

Gotta catch ’em all

Seven things you need to do this Lincoln Freshers’ Week

From those of us who have been there before

Which accommodation would the 2021 Love Islanders stay in if they were Lincoln students?

And the islander coupling up with your accommodation is…

UoL goes up five places in Complete University Guide league tables

The uni is also now in the top 20 for student satisfaction

Second year: the middle child syndrome you never expected to have

Because we deserve some attention too

10 Eurovision memes every Lincoln student can relate to

Despite the UK scoring zero, we can laugh about it… right?

In pictures: Carousel, Lincoln’s amazing new arcade bar

Spoiler: it’s as cool as it sounds

Six things you need to prepare before clubs reopen in Lincoln

Having your ID on you isn’t all you need to remember when you start going out again…

Plan a night out in Lincoln and we’ll tell you which supermarket caterpillar cake you are


Relieved and disappointed: Lincoln students’ opinions on not returning to face-to-face learning

‘It’s confusing that we can’t go back considering everything else is going back to normal’

We tried and reviewed as many VK flavours as we could just to feel something

I didn’t sleep for 24 hours after this from all of the caffeine

It’s time to stop saying ‘not all men’: You are part of the problem

The ‘not all men’ narrative is highly inappropriate, now so more than ever

‘I would like to wait until there isn’t any other option’: These Lincoln students don’t want the Covid vaccine

‘I believe teachers, supermarket workers, and other key sectors should be moved up the vaccine list’

Take our quiz to see what your post-lockdown night out in Lincoln should look like

Alexa, how do I stop myself from crying in the club

We asked Lincoln students what their weirdest lockdown purchases were and they’re pretty strange

Stop pretending that lockdown made you buy that Robert Pattinson bed quilt… we all know you wanted it anyway

This is what it’s like living with a small business owner whilst at uni

Because if you’re not running a small business of your own, you definitely know someone who is

Which Lincoln accommodation are you based on your typical Valentine’s Day?

May we never date another Aqua House

A definitive list of things you will experience in the run up to Christmas break

Prepare for a chaos that will rival that of you and your uncle over the Queen’s Christmas speech

Here are the best places to do the Tik Tok Ghost Challenge in Lincoln

I may be hitting 20 but this was too much fun to pass up on

QUIZ: We can tell what kind of fresher you are based on how you spent lockdown

We all know you only bought LEDs because Tiktok told you to