Clubbers of the Week: Keep em’ keen in week fourteen

Who do I contact for a tote bag ??

Storm Eunice battered the nation this past week but that did not stop Lincoln students from facing the brisk winds on their final week before Semester B begins on Monday all in the name of getting a tote bag from Superbull, and I don’t blame them.

I can only applaud the amount of hairspray and products everyone drenched their hair in to avoid Eunice’s wrath, if there’s one thing about Lincoln students and their club photos, it’s they know how to do it right every week.

Stylish clubbers of the week


Drip or drown

Runners up

Hermione would be proud x

The ultimate duo

Stunners of the week


The matching eyeshadow and top combo is everything

Runners up

The most gorgeous wizard

These gals know how to get the best club photo and I need some tips

They just look so wholesome <3

Album cover of the week


Runners up

Doing it for the girls

Third wheel of the week


Dobby just wants to be a free elf </3

Heroes of the week


Nothing but love for our club photographer <3

Runners up

Respect for carrying his missuses bag, who said chivalry was dead?

Always providing us with the best tunes in true style

Squad of the week


They just give off the best flatmate vibes

Runners up

Having the time of their lives

Have you ever seen a more perfect bunch?

The tote bag, the feather boa? *chefs kiss*

Heroine of the week



Runners up

Alexa play Low by Flo Rida

Creeper of the week


Hands in the air to cause a scare

Runners up

Did he mean to do it? Who knows…

Hey girl, we see you

WTF of the week


Well how have you done that then

Runners up

To the guy in the back, u k hun?

Peaky Blinders was last week guys !!!

Image credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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