UoL offers support to students and staff affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine

‘These are troubling times and as we wish for a peaceful resolution to the crisis, we send all our best wishes to all those affected directly or indirectly’

In the early hours of this morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a televised announcement. In it, he stated that Russia would be launching a ‘special military operation’ against Ukraine. He has also warned Western powers that any involvement “from [the] outside: If you do, you will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history.”

Since this announcement, the University of Lincoln has addressed staff and students in an e-mail that offers support for those affected by the conflict. Vice Chancellor, Professor Neal Juster, wrote in the e-mail: “We are one community of more than 100 nationalities at the University of Lincoln and I know many of our staff and students will have friends, colleagues, family and other loved-ones in Ukraine.”

Professor Juster went on to say: “Please be assured that the University community is here to support you and we are thinking about all those who may be in harm’s way and those of our community who have friends and family who are directly affected by these events.”

Since Putin’s announcement, Prime Minister Boris Johnson – along with other European leaders and the US – has condemned the decision to attack Ukraine. Sanctions have since been declared in an attempt to halt and impede Russia’s attack.

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