In pictures: Lincoln Christmas Market 2021

A big thanks to my friends for allowing me to act like a tourist in my own city

The snow has been falling, the ice is setting in, and I am leaving my bed later and later every day. One thing that there is to enjoy out of all this bleakness, is the Lincoln Christmas Market. Running from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th of December, the market is definitely one to tick off your student bucket list if you haven’t already.

By the cathedral:

Naturally, I couldn’t hike all the way up Steep Hill and not get a photo or two of the cathedral. Lit up in pink, the cathedral was so busy that we decided to look from afar, although if you do choose to head that way there is a Christmas tree at the front that would make a lovely insta pic.

Inside the castle grounds:

Once we were inside the grounds we slowly stumbled our way around the market stalls – taking particular interest in the food and drink stalls of course. If you’re looking to do a bit of Christmas shopping for extended family or your parents, there are plenty of stalls offering handcrafted goods, funny mugs and knitwear (although you might want to save the knits for yourself if you go up on a night, it was freezing and yes I made sure to let everyone else know about it).

The bar was the next port of call. Luckily, there are a fair few to pick from all over the market. Mulled wine and Bailey’s hot chocolate in hand, we were ready to continue our intrepid journey through the cold (did I mention that it was baltic). Stalls were accepting card or cash in most instances, meaning we didn’t have to wait ages at the ATM machines.

Honestly, I think I just took these photos to keep my hands from freezing. But the lights were amazing. If you have the chance, definitely go to the market after dark to take it all in at its best. Not to mention that while you’re up there, you can do the illuminated wall walk along the castle – again, a great place for some insta pics. Or just to get a good view of the busy market.

On Westgate:

As we reached the end of the market, the games started to appear. They’re probably meant for children, but that didn’t stop us from having a go. We took a trip on the ferris wheel, and (despite the bitter wind) we couldn’t stop laughing the entire way round. Definitely a bonding experience for you and your mates, although the price (eight pounds to go round twice) did make our eyes water a little.

The night was completed with a round on the dodgems, and needless to say, it was the most chaos we had experienced since trying to eat our Bratwurst and walk through the crowds simultaneously. A shout out to the small child who decided she wanted to attack our dodgem repeatedly, she had a goal and we were the perfect victims. I’m still seeing the vivid flash of the rides behind my eyelids, and I probably will go back if I get the chance.

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