Here are all the best festive lights in Lincoln this Christmas

Christmas is the time for sharing! Here are the best Christmas lights you can share with friends and on your socials

Once again, it’s that festive time of year and Lincoln’s lights are out in full force. Although we hope it will be a very different Christmas than last year, there are some truly incredible pictures to be had.

When the light fades all too soon, exams are imminent, and due dates are on the horizon these Christmas lights offer a moment of anti-stress. From the window of your favourite coffee shop or windowshopping for presents, Lincoln has truly stepped up to the plate in celebrating Christmas.

Whether it’s personal pleasure or to spice up your socials, there are some truly Christmassy spots this year! Great for group pics or solo selfies we’ve got you covered with this list of Lincoln’s best and brightest.

Starting with St. Marks Shopping centre, we have:

The reindeers

Whether you are into the whole Christmas thing or not, these two are a beautiful sight on a cold winter night. Immediately on the right of the little park in the St. Marks Shopping Centre, these reindeer offer a very wholesome winter welcome.

Angel and Tree

Coming together for the package deal, this wing and tree combo is one of my favourite sites. Modelled by a positively enthused flatmate, it doesn’t take much for this brilliant spectacle of light and traditional Christmas charm to create the perfect Christmas snap!

The elf

I’m a big fan of The elf. Relishing a moment of ridiculousness, I think everyone should experience the joys of being an elf… and the difficulties that come in taking a half-decent photo. It’s hilariously fun! In the corner of the highly decorated park, this spot deserves all the attention it gets.

Whatever this is…

Open to interpretation this wrapping inspired design is definitely one worth posing for. Offering a great spot for a group pic, this could be your moment to properly prove good things come in small packages. If you’re not feeling the festive vibe for a group picture just yet the other side offers an enchanting display of sparkles and lights: it really is a fantastic mosaic of golden colour.

Moving on, near THOR’S Tipi Bar and their classic LNCOLN light display (you’re the “I”, that’s not a typo!), there are more displays to flex your photography prowess.

Pillars of light

If you’re feeling a touch camera-shy, then showing off some classic Lincoln beauty is another way to go. A wonderful melding of old architecture and golden hues it stands proud. Getting the right angle might be tricky, but it’s definitely a showstopper if you can manage it!


An oldie, but a classic. The JOY sign was here last year and definitely makes an impression. A top-tier spot for a classic pic. By yourself or with friends this it’s a really fun look with little-to-no photography skills needed!

Tree of life

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the tree and there is a couple of them but by far the best is by the cathedral! Decked out in lights and topped with a star it’s a must-see. With the Cathedral in the background, it’s a sight to remember!

What makes this tree special, however, is that this is the Tree of Life. All around the tree are messages to those who aren’t with us anymore. Supported by individuals throughout the local community, this tree offers both an incredible display its lights and meaning.

Merry Christmas!

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